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15 USD /d
NomadLife, San Juan del Sur



NomadLife is Nicaragua's first co-working and co-living space for Digital Nomads. Located in one of San Juan del Sur's mo... More

14 USD /d
Encuentros, Granada



Come to Granada the first "European" city in the Americas founded in 1524. Our beautiful Spanish colonial mansion is the... More

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Practically speaking, the house has everything necessary for productive working and a phenomenal time - r... Show More
Calvin Rosser
Such a STUNNING location, great atmosphere and view. Like nowhere else I have stayed. Beautiful pool and ... Show More
Lianna Michelle
NomadLife is a beautiful co-working house in San Juan del Sur. It also functions as a co-living space, a... Show More
Tiago De Silva
With its large courtyards, lush gardens and large pool, Encuentros is a great place to work. The internet... Show More
Erik Hof

Cheap and cheerful for the wandering digital nomad, Nicaragua is the largest country in the Central American isthmus. Officially known as the Republic of Nicaragua, its capital, Managua, is the largest city in the country. If you don't count the miscellaneous and odd gringo around, the country has a multi-ethnic community of around 6 million made up of Africans, Europeans, Asians and indigenous people, with a few native tribes speaking in their own tongues on the eastern coast despite the main language being Spanish.

A popular tourist destination known for its Spanish colonial architecture, picturesque islands dotted around, lakes, volcanoes and stunning beaches, Nicaragua is where you will find the sprawling Lake Managua and the iconic volcano, Momotombo. Once a Spanish Empire, it gained independence in 1821, only to be embroiled in political turmoil, dictatorship, and fiscal crisis that led to the Nicaraguan Revolution in the 1960s and the 1970s. Today it is a representative democratic republic with dynamic traditional cultures spawning a diverse art and literature heritage.

In 2016 its Internet penetration reached 31.8% of its population, with all of them jumping onto Facebook for some sharing and playing time. The startup scene in
Nicaragua, as with most of Central America, is plagued by poverty, widespread illiteracy with a low percentage of university students and a limited talent pool for entrepreneurship. Their culture has not implanted a sense of being an entrepreneur with more focus on the "work for someone else" mentality enforced, where working for the corporate world is better than taking a risk on something such as digital startup. There are a few exceptions to the rule, but the country is yet to see anything amazing happen, with the startup scene being on the small side and almost none 100% bred in the country.

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