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About Ploiesti

A city in the Prahova County of Romania, Ploiesti is a part of the historical region of Muntenia, which sits just north of Bucharest. From Ploiesti there is direct access to the Prahova Valley, one of the best alpine tourism areas in Romania. Linking Bucharest with Transylvania and Moldavia, Ploiesti is now home to coworking venues to give the locals somewhere to get creative and the wandering souls with laptops a place to get their stuff done, whilst they are on the run.

Romania is a hot bed for tech companies outsourcing contact centers, software development and you can throw in a bit of research and development, but it is now growing its own entrepreneurial culture. There are more incubators, angel investors and founders calling this country home with several up-and-coming startups set to be game-changers. This is in turn has created the need for numerous coworking spaces to open up throughout the country, of which Ploiesti is no exception. Coworking is becoming the norm instead of the traditional office scene for many workers, freelancers, entrepreneurs and businesses.

Romania with a population of about 20 million actually ranks in the top 10 globally in the number of certified IT specialists with many of them in the software development niche and the bonus that most of them speak English. The country has more Informatics and Math Olympiad medals than any other European nation and ranks 3rd on the global stage after China and Russia. It has a high Internet speed and entrepreneurship classes are common in its schools creating the perfect generation to wow the tech scene on a global scale. Though Ploiesti may not be the simmering tech-pot town such as Transylvania, coworking has a place in this tourist town for the local entrepreneurs that want to stay close to home.