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About Medea

Also called Lemdiyya, Médéa is a picturesque town in north-central Algeria that’s situated on a plateau in the Tell Atlas Mountains. You may be wondering: is a mountain town that’s known for its rural sites really a hub for coworking? The answer is yes! In recent years, Médéa has hopped on board the coworking train and now offers a variety of shared office spaces for locals and visitors alike.

There’s no shortage of interesting history to explore in this Algerian town. Once the site of an ancient Roman military post, Médéa’s history dates back to the 10th century. The town itself is French in character, featuring a rectangular city plan, public gardens, and charming red-tiled buildings. Surrounding the town are hills littered with orchards, vineyards, and farms that yield an abundance of grain. As a result, this region’s output centers on wines, various handicrafts, and irrigation equipment. With plenty of expert businesspeople in Médéa who have operated family-owned companies for years, the town proves to be an attractive place for coworking spaces, which have been known to establish communities of like-minded with similar entrepreneurial spirits. Plus, coworking in Médéa presents a unique opportunity to spend time in one of the northernmost cities in Africa.

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