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About Bueu

With a history dating back to the Paleolithic period, the Bronze Age and subsequent Roman settlements, Bueu is awash in history curiosities. The city sits in Galicia in the province of Pontevedra on the northern edge of the Morrazo peninsula. It has a family friendly community with plenty of hands available if you happen to need help to kill a pig or to collect potatoes. Apart from the summer months when hordes flock to the beaches or market days when the whole town turns out for a chat to buy their leeks and peppers, Bueu can have that "no dog in the streets" look about it. This aside, it is now home to coworking, so obviously the intrepid locals are more tech savvy than maybe the world knows.

The cost of living is reasonable and there are loads of beaches with each having their own distinctive charm where you can splash in the ocean, walk your dog along the sand or merely sit and get in your own headspace. The weather is also on the friendly side with winters not being too harsh and summers considered to be on the mild side. A small town where you can walk everywhere, there are a few taxis if you are in lazy mode.

Beue, like many other small Spanish towns is seeing a change in the business scene that was once dominated by traditional roles. Today it is quite acceptable from a cultural point of view to say that you are an entrepreneur and not a civil servant or a farmer. With the opening of coworking spaces, many innovative locals are choosing to stay at home where the vino flows and the ham is delicious, rather than to seek their fortune and glory amidst big cities of smog.