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Not really a city, Naperville is a western suburb of Chicago sitting in Illinois. It sits 45km west of Chicago with a population of about the 147,682 mark and was founded in 1831. It's ranked as the wealthiest city in the Midwest and the 11th wealthiest in the nation. Naperville has been voted as the 2nd best place to live in the United States and is one of the most educated large cities in America. It's located within the Illinois Technology and Research Corridor with numerous corporate headquarters located within its midst. In 1999 Naperville was designated a White House Millennium Community and it has a plethora of high education facilities. With all of this brainpower roaming its streets, it is little wonder that coworking venues have opened their doors in the city.

Chicago's tech scene is seeing health tech and fintech startups flourish, plus there appears to be plenty of venture capital floating around. The city has a healthy ecosystem and there is heaps of talent floating around. Logistics is another niche market that is being touted as one to watch for investors, because there is already movement by local companies such as FourKites, Shipbob and Project44. Chicago does have a reputation for being a B2B tech hot spot, but there could be more consumer-facing startups happening as shopping behavior changes.

The fact that Naperville has its own coworking venues opening is a sure sign that its fledgling startups have somewhere to run to for a bit of mentoring or skill sharing if need be.