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About Almunecar

Sitting on the south coast of Spain, Almunecar is where the water babies will love being. Known for its beaches such as Cristobal and Del Mar, there is also a centuries-old Arab fort, San Miguel Castle, that will put a smile on the history buff's face. Located in the province of Granada, it has a population of about 27,700, so you may not meet all of the locals, but quite a few will cross your path in one of the bars or in a coworking space, where the tech savvy souls hang out. Easy to get to, Almunecar has good transport connections and is one of Spain’s' tourist hot spots.

The town began its life as a Phoenician colony named Sexi, not "sexy". It was a fishing town and today its fame for its gastronomy is well alluded to. You will find masses of seafood of every type imaginable from shellfish to squid, red bream to grouper and lots of goodies in between. Its semi-tropical climate and fertile soil make it a haven for tropical fruits like avocados, loquats, guavas etcetera. If you have a sweet tooth you won't be able to stop yourself from pigging out on local desserts like the "Cazuela Mohina" (almond based cake with sesame and aniseed) or "Torta de Al-Haju" (almond cake wrapped in wafers and honey).

Spain's entrepreneurial activity is spread throughout the whole country with hot spots in Madrid and Barcelona, but smaller regions are coming into their own as well. Almunecar is jumping on the bandwagon to prove that you don't have to be in a big city to get creative and succeed. Coworking venues are giving the locals the space to meet, connect and collaborate without having to haunt a local cafe and stuff their faces silly with yummy sweet stuff all the time.