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A city in eastern Iowa, Cedar Rapids sits on the banks of the Cedar River about 32km from Iowa City with a population of around the 126,326 mark. An economic hub located along the Interstate 380, it's a thriving center for culture and arts with plenty of museums to meander around, libraries to poke your nose into and theatres putting on performances. It is nicknamed the "City of Five Seasons" with its symbolic iconic sculpture squatting on the north river bank. Let's hope you like "corn", as it is one of the largest cities in the world for corn processing where the huge Quaker Oats mill dominates the north side of the town. From corn to coworking, Cedar Rapids has its fair share of innovative souls meandering the fields and huddling over laptops with big dreams of the startup kind.

Cedar Rapids is actually ranked 10th in information-tech startup density in small to mid metropolitan areas. Local government collaborating with business leaders has led to a bustling entrepreneurial vibe happening, making Iowa a hotbed of startup activity. Coworking venues are providing a necessary collaborative enclave where inventive individuals can mingle, learn new skills, attend meetups and get their work done without having to contemplate leaving their home-turf to see their dreams become a reality.