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Once a major gold and silver mining enclave sitting on the Camino Real de Tierra Adentro that was a trade route in the mid 16th to the 19th Centuries, San Luis Potosi is awash in colonial buildings with an 18th Century Templo del Carmen featuring an ornately curved facade to gawk at. A capital city in the north-central area of Mexico, it is bordered by 8 other Mexican states. As with the rest of Mexico, the city of San Luis Potosi is extremely affordable and liveable, complete with all of the iconic Mexican dishes such as "pozole" and "tacos al pastor" on hand. It is little wonder that its innovative locals have no desire to go abroad and prefer to stay on their own home ground. Coworking spaces have opened up in San Luis Potosi to cater to their needs and to provide a collaborative space of likeminded souls.

Mexico is one of Latin America's up-and-coming tech giants receiving significant capital. Almost a quarter of all of the venture capital funds in Latin America in 2017 went to grow its tech ecosystem. It has been an entry point and huge market for global tech companies such as Google, Facebook and Uber. It was the first country in Latin America to pass a law to regulate fintech, thereby preventing money laundering and corruption. Mexico is the 5th biggest Facebook user in the world and its Mexico City population is over 22 million people with over one third of its population under the age of 25. Its universities see more engineer graduates than that of the United States and the government is working hard to create tech jobs on a local scale to stop any brain drain.

Coworking in San Luis Potosi is a dream scenario for many, especially when their government has distributed up to US$658 million to over 620,000 entrepreneurs in an attempt to jumpstart the entrepreneurial ecosystem.