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About Badajoz

A city in the southwest of Spain, Badajoz has an historic Moorish quarter with a fortress-like Cathedral of San Juan Bautista. The capital of the Province of Badajoz, it sits extremely close to the Portuguese border on the River Guadiana with a population of around the 151,565 mark. Once a Moorish kingdom, the city has been fought over by Spain and Portugal for centuries alternating who was playing in charge. Its architecture is a reflection of this turmoil and the crowning glory is the ruins of the citadel with its fortified walls and lush gardens of the Alcazaba of Badajoz. History fans will love it here, as you can check out the fort of San Cristobal and the Provincial Archaeological Museum. With a history going back to 4000BC, Badajoz today is a major commercial hub complete with coworking spaces and an important bridge between Spain and Portugal for trade and cultural relations.

The talk is not all about ancient relics and ruins and there are plenty of opportunities for tech savvy entrepreneurs, as Spanish startups grew 7% in 2017 with signs pointing to a consolidation within the startup community that has historically been decentralized. Spain boasts of having an education rate of 40.1% and it is home to a number of impressive educational institutions with 3 of its universities in the top 10 of the Financial Times' annual European Business School Rankings for 2017.

The attractive lifestyle lures tech geeks from all over the world for its relatively cheap cost of living, the general lifestyle of laid-back vibes with tapas infused night revelry.
Its locals are no longer running abroad to pursue their dreams and coworking venues have given them the place to mingle and collaborate with likeminded souls.