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About Kawasaki

Weird and kinky, Kawasaki is the city that celebrates male fertility on an annual basis in April with a festival saluting the steel phallus - those inclined carve penises out of radishes and pose next to giant plastic penis statues. If you are into public displays of manhood, this may just appeal.

A city in the Kanagawa Prefecture, Kawasaki is one of the main cities forming the Greater Tokyo area and the Keihin Industrial area. A relatively young city (maybe this explains the penis fixation like little boys) you will not find a plethora of historical sites to visit. Founded in 1924, the city is snuggled between Yokohama and Tokyo and is largely an industrial enclave.

It is however home to the 2nd most visited temple in the Kanto region, Kawasaki Daishi Buddhist Temple founded in 1128 and the head temple for the Chizan sect with its 5-story pagoda. Do make sure that you take a selfie standing at the stunning ornate gate. The museum buff into Japanese history will get a kick out of looking in the Kawasaki Civic Museum overflowing with archaeological and ethnographical artifacts. Take yourself back in time and meander around the Nihon Minka-en, a park with a collection of traditional farmhouses from various areas of Japan including a watermill and boathouse plus a traditional kabuki theater and a storage house or takakura. For the art lover there is the Taro Okamoto Museum of Art dedicated to the 20th century artist, Taro Okamoto, to stroll around. If you have a musical ear, you could take in a musical performance at the Musa Kawasaki Symphony Hall with its vineyard style seating in a lavish hall. There are animals to chat to at the Yumemigasaki Zoological Park where you can escape the human hordes and overlook a panoramic view of the city of Kawasaki.

If all else fails to interest you, go and scream your lungs out at Yomiuri Land on one of the adrenaline pumping rides that will have you throwing up your noodle lunch.