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About Valdemoro

Another municipal district and autonomous community of Madrid, Valdemoro sits about 27km away from the capital and is officially part of the comarca of La Sagra. It is generally included in the Madrid metropolitan area. The area is closely linked to that of the "Guardia Civil" (the civil guard) and is home to the Colegio de Guardias Jóvenes Duque de Ahumada, which is an academy open only to children and orphans of existing guardsmen. With its recent population explosion, coworking venues have sprung up to cater to the innovative locals who have no desire to leave their own stomping grounds. Valdemoro now has a population of around the 72,265 mark and with its proximity to the capital city; there has been an abundance of infrastructure being updated to cope with the extra folk.

With an arid climate the main crop of the area is cereals and poultry is the predominant livestock to be found, but this is diminishing in both size and importance. It is where you will find large national and international companies such as the automotive supplier Lear and the German window and facade manufacturer Schuco. There is an historical district to meander around and plenty of new neighbourhoods are being constructed. A city with its roots based in the Iron Age, there are ruins from the Roman era as well as the Moors.

Valdemoro, like many other Spanish cities is seeing a change in the business scene that was once dominated by traditional roles. Today it is quite acceptable from a cultural point of view to say that you are an entrepreneur and not a civil servant or a farmer. Spanish entrepreneurs have a competitive advantage of being able to grab skilled developers and engineers at a fraction of the Silicon Valley cost, which is why many startups are chasing their dreams without leaving home. Coworking venues have made it possible to escape working in a cafe scene.