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Dave Fletcher

Perched on the island of Sicily, ancient Palermo is a colorful array of cobblestoned alleys, bustling local markets and where the food will have you drooling. The capital city of Sicily, it's the hub for the island's culture, history and architecture that is over 2,700 years old. It sits on the Gulf of Palermo in the Tyrrhenian Sea and was founded by the Phoenicians in about 734BC. Palermo was a part of the Roman Republic and Empire for over a thousand years and from 831 to 1072 it was under the thumb of Arabs. With a whopping 1.2 million people meandering the town, you should make sure you brush up on your Italian if you want to be understood when asking for directions to a coworking venue.

One of the top tourist destinations in Europe with quite a few UNESCO World Heritage Sites to poke your nose around, it's undergoing a careful redevelopment phase in order to become one of the major cities of the Euro-Mediterranean region. Awash in beautiful piazzas made for lingering whilst people watching, there is a plethora of cafes, restaurants and bars to venture into when the mood takes you.

Southern Italy with its high quality universities is attracting tech multinationals where innovative companies make up a quarter of Italy's total share. Milan, Rome and Turn are being given a run for their money in that the south of Italy is experiencing a technological renaissance. Italians have creative culture in their blood, from food to fashion, design to wine and there are plenty of innovative tech savvy souls lingering over espressos. Major tech players such as IBM and Apple are opening up new tech hubs alluding to the fact that there is loads of potential in the Italian market. The government is instigating new initiatives to make it easier for startups to "start up" in light of the fact that it has always had a reputation for being bureaucracy-heavy. Coworking venues in Palermo are giving the city's creatives the perfect space to hang out in so that they don't have to leave their own home-ground chasing dreams.

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