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About Martigny

The capital city of the Martigny district in the canton of Valais, Martigny is perched at the junction of the roads joining Italy, Switzerland and France. Known for its awesome nearby Alpine ski resorts such as "Verbier", it's snuggled into the foothills of the Swiss Alps in the Rhone Valley with the La Drance River flowing through its midst. Historically Martigny is an agriculture and viticulture enclave with the city surrounded by orchards, field crops and vineyards. It celebrates this fresh produce in its cuisine dished up in its restaurants and guesthouses. Throw in the odd crops of apricots, asparagus and strawberries and you have the makings of a gourmand's dream destination for gorging on sumptuous dishes. A town where half of its workers commute somewhere else for work, there are some intrepid souls who hang out in the city's coworking venues attempting to get their dreams into reality without going to the big smoke.

Switzerland is not all about chocolate and cowbells ringing, as it's a country of tech savvy souls and home to global banks plus 15 Fortune 500 companies. No wonder coworking spaces have opened their doors in this area when the whole country's population has adopted technology. The advantage of working in Martigny is the fact that you take a hike or indulge in some cross-country skiing when you need a break from your laptop.