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For me the most important thing in a work place is the atmosphere. And this is made by people. DOCA has i... Show More
Doug Costa
Nice place, nice people, nice area, near to the beach, it works !
Great place to work and lounch your company. Everybody have lunch together and thats when we get to know ... Show More
Joana Hamann
Ter a possibilidade e escolher trabalhar em um espaço coletivo, no qual justamente se faz imprescindív... Show More
Laura Geszti

The hype is real. Rio de Janeiro is one of the most fantastically wild and energetic cities in the world, one of the few that actually lives up to its reputation. Beautiful people, spectacular beaches, lush jungle, historic sites, soul-lifting music, and uproarious parties are just a few of the seductions of this Cidade Maravilhosa ("Marvelous City"). Despite all its infamous commotion, Rio is very much a choose-your-own-path city. You can maintain a frenetic pace of activities or slow down and enjoy life from beachside bar or juice stand. Or, of course, you can do both, hustling like a jaguar hot on the hunt from a quiet café terrace overlooking the mountains and bay.

The local startup scene is, in fact, just as colorful and inviting as the city. Spurring Rio into a top spot is the increasingly visible community of entrepreneurs, numerous accelerators and incubators, and some seriously cool coworking spaces. Young and educated entrepreneurs have helped bring about an explosion in the tech scene, and the internet usage and e-commerce market size are now at all-time highs. There is even a push from tech leaders and government officials to branch out into a variety of markets - IT and otherwise - that Brazil is currently weak in. Between rich talent and plentiful opportunity, it's a fantastic time to start a business in Rio, or at least be a part of the scene.

Unfortunately, the accommodation hunt in Rio seems to stand in direct contradiction to the city's easygoing attitude. Not only do you have to compete for limited space with 6.5 million other residents, but you'll also need to gather numerous documents, have them notarized, and wait to be approved by the various offices that evaluate them, a process that can take up to two months. You might find yourself tearing your newly braided cornrows out if you wait until you arrive to start scouting your options. With all said and done, expect to end up in the safe, expat-heavy Zona Sul (the south side of Rio that includes Copacabana, Ipanema, Lagoa, and the super upscale community of Leblon) or the bohemian nightlife area in the north (Santa Teresa and Lapa), paying $500-800 for a room in a shared place or $1500-2200 for your own apartment. The cost of living in Brazil - and Rio in particular - is notoriously expensive, so come prepared to spend potentially more than you would in your home country.

You may find yourself struggling to maintain a consistent work grind while in Rio, but you may also find you're less concerned about that. The rich, bold, multifaceted, and liberating spirit of the carioca culture and people is utterly infections, making it easy to connect with locals and participate in activities. With a confident attitude and good Portuguese, you can adapt to the city in no time. From training your body in new forms of movement like samba, capoeira, and jiu-jitsu, to experiencing the energy of the rainforest on a daylong hike, to making friends over caipininhas at your neighborhood boteco, to celebrating the world's most ostentatious spectacle of Carnival, the life-zest to work-productivity ratio is completely worth it.

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