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The quaint riverside village of Noosaville sits beside its swanky upmarket big sister of Noosa, on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland in Australia.  Charming and laid back, Noosaville is on the Noosa River between Munna Point and Noosa Sound.  It is where families gather to picnic on the grassy riverbank, boaties moor their floating treasures at the Yacht Club and imbibe in usually one too many frothy beers.  The jet skiers pretend they have an exclusive racetrack on the long river stretches where sand bars pop up and disappear with the tides, whilst pelicans bob about like giant white floating blow up toys.

Not the land of designer labels, it is more the domain of the average "Joe Blow" with grandmas, grandpas, dogs, kids and the wife in tow.  Nonetheless, occasionally the elite from Noosa make an appearance at one of the many gorgeous open-air restaurants along the Gympie Terrace Esplanade riverfront that is juxtaposed with fast food joints, where the fish and chip or the pie shop reign. 

The accommodation around this area will not break your bank, neither will the price of a coffee when the caffeine hit is required. It is a perfectly safe area for the kids to swim or for those adults who still need floaties, brilliant for a touch of shoreline fishing for some sweet bream fish and where rowers glide in surreal serenity each morning. Picturesque with stunning sunsets over the water, it is the perfect place to sit with a cocktail in hand in the late afternoon dying sun after a hot summers day.

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