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A major city in southern Turkey, Adana is perched on the Seyhan River 35km inland from the Mediterranean Sea. It's the administrative seat of the province of the same name and the 5th most populated city in Turkey with about 1.7 million souls meandering its streets, drinking tea in cafes or being industrious in coworking venues with likeminded folk. The city has 4 metropolitan districts: Seyhan, Yüreğir, Çukurova and Sarıçam. Seyhan district is within the city limits whilst Yüreğir, Çukurova and the Sarıçam districts have rural areas on the outskirts of the city. The Seyhan district is the cultural and business hub, being the most developed part of the city awash in hotels, commercial and public buildings plus cultural centers. The Old town is also found in this district where there is the traditional market place and modern shopping. The Cukurova district is a modern residential area and Yüreğir is predominantly large-scale industry. There is a whopping 254 neighborhoods in the city with their own identities (think culture, historical and scenic) plus diverse communities.

Adana is one of the most economically developed cities in Turkey and today it's economy is based in tourism and the service industry, plus wholesale and retail sectors hosting numerous regional headquarters of many public and corporate institutions. Turkey's capital, Istanbul, is maturing into a global enclave for entrepreneurship. Istanbul is the only city in the world that spans 2 continents that of Asia and Europe, giving it a unique location and a dynamic culture with easy access to Europe, the Middle East, Russia and Central Asia for entrepreneurs looking to tap into global markets. In the past decade the Istanbul startup ecosystem has become a vibrant hub overflowing with coworking spaces, accelerators, angel investors, venture capital firms and dynamic tech savvy communities.

Turkey has an affordable cost of living with a relatively low tax rate when compared to neighboring countries. Another advantage for startups and entrepreneurs is the fact that there is a vast talent pool being spawned by the country's universities, such as Yildiz Technical University and Istanbul Technical University. Add to these benefits the fact that the country's laws treat international investors as locals where rights and liabilities are concerned and it's a great incentive for startups to call Istanbul home. Coworking spaces are literally stuffed to overflowing with intrepid souls making the most of the conditions Turkey offers.

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