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About San Giovanni Lupatoto

Another gorgeous enclave in the pasta eating country of Italy, San Giovanni sits in the province of Verona only 7km from Verona (the Romeo and Juliet town) and about 100km west of Venice. A city for lovers and anyone else for that matter, the province of Verona sits on the eastern bank of Lake Garda in the region of Veneto. Coworking has popped up in this small town catering to its creative and innovative locals that have no wish to leave home.

Italians have creative culture in their blood, from food to fashion, design to wine and there are plenty of innovative tech savvy souls lingering over espressos in San Giovanni Lupatoto. Major tech players such as IBM and Apple are opening up new tech hubs in Italy alluding to the fact that there is loads of potential in the Italian market. The government is instigating new initiatives to make it easier for startups to "start up" in light of the fact that it has always had a reputation for being bureaucracy-heavy.

San Giovanni Lupatoto may not be the tech hub on a par with Turin, Milan or Rome, but that is totally beside the point. Coworking venues are giving the locals the space to mingle, to connect and to collaborate on their own home-turf, so they don't have to run to a big city full of smoke.