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A small city in the center of Switzerland, Lucerne is where you will have to brush up on your German if you wish to be understood. It's the capital of the canton of the same name and sits in the district of the same name with a population of about 81,057 people meandering around its streets. Lucerne is the center of the area for transport, culture, the media and the economy of the region. Reclining on the shores of Lake Lucerne with incredible views of the snowcapped mountains Rigi and Pilatus in the Swiss Alps, Lucerne is a tourist hub complete with a preserved Old Town bordered by a 14th Century rampart and a wooden bridge from the 14th Century. Coworking venues have opened up in the city's streets catering to not just its inventive locals, but also to any globe trotting souls that may have to get some work done.

The city's history goes back to before the 6th Century and the fall of the Roman Empire, so the history buffs will be in their element when cruising around the town. It's home to quite a few major Swiss companies such as Suva that is one of Switzerland's oldest accident insurance companies and it's where you will find the University of Lucerne that is the youngest traditional university in the country. Lucerne has many things going for it from a business perspective such as tax-cutting policies and ease of doing business. You can get to the Zurich Airport in under 1-hour from Lucerne, which is another plus if you have to pop to the big smoke of somewhere else for a meeting.

Switzerland is not all about chocolate and cowbells ringing, as it is a country of tech savvy souls and home to global banks, plus 15 Fortune 500 companies. No wonder coworking spaces have opened their doors in this country when the whole country's population has adopted technology. The advantage of working in Lucerne is the fact that you take a hike or indulge in some cross-country skiing when you need a break from your laptop.