About Basalt

With a very small population of only around the 3,857 mark, Basalt is not a tech or startup hub. A tiny town that was first named Ute Junction began its life as a railroad town. Named after the basaltic rock formation on Basalt Mountain, it served the present day Aspen Colorado area. It is known for its Gold Medal trout fishing in the Frying Pan River, so if you are into throwing a hooked line into the water during a mid morning break from your coworking space, then this might be the haven you are looking for. You will definitely get to know the locals, as there aren't too many places to hide.

Colorado is however a thriving hub of entrepreneurs who have latched onto the local pioneering spirit and taken it into the 21st Century of innovation. Tech companies in Denver alone take up around 7.9 million square feet of office space and this figure is still growing. Whether it is the beer, the hiking, biking, skiing and the fact that weed is legal has anything to do with it, may be open for debate. This is where startups are pushing boundaries and can rely on a supportive network of creative souls with a government that is doing what it can to encourage tech growth. You can check out the online hub for everything to do with tech in Colorado such as job postings, events and startup info on the "Built in Colorado" website and there is the "Startup Colorado" site that is an entrepreneur resource.

Basalt may not be Denver or Boulder, but it still has its intrepid entrepreneurial souls who love skiing the cross-country trails or taking a day off from their coworking space to bump along the mountain bike tracks in the Roaring Fork Valley.