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Nagoya, 4-6-23 Meieki

¥49,900 / pp / month

Nagoya, 2-45-14 Meieki

¥54,500 / pp / month

Nagoya, 2-5-5 Nishiki

¥22,000 / pp / month

Nagoya, 4-24-16 Meieki

¥52,900 / pp / month

Nagoya, 3-15-33 Sakae

¥32,900 / pp / month

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About Nagoya

Unlike the throbbing maze of wall-to-wall human bodies found in the streets of Tokyo, Nagoya is much easier to familiarize yourself with, having only two downtown areas quite close to each other. You can get by without having to resort to hiring a car, as the public transport system is one of the best in the world. The trains are never shoulder-to-shoulder with people, even during the peak rush hour race, with railway stations that are easy to navigate and escape from.

For those that thrive on a night life, Nagoya's club central is located downtown at Sakae and if museums or galleries are your turn on, there are plenty dotted around the town to investigate, in between gorging on some yakitori. Where Nagoya comes into its own is with its proximity to 3 of Japan's historical towns, Kyoto, Nara and Hida Takayama. Sitting close to the mountains it is easy to go snowboarding in the winter or mountain trekking in the summer months. Osaka is under an hour to get to, with Mt Fuji and Tokyo only 90 minutes away.

Nagoya is similar to Tokyo but on a much smaller scale where you will find all the Japanese delights of karaoke bars, pachinko halls, big shopping malls, sumo wrestling and public parks for lazing in.

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