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About Merida

Located in Spain's sultry southwest, Merida once was the capital of the Roman province of Lusitania (founded 25BC). Over run by archaeologists, as it is more like a Roman theme park due to its preserved ancient roots, it is a town where history buffs will have too many wet pant moments to count. It is home to the most impressive Roman ruins in the whole of Spain and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Roman ruins are literally dotted throughout the town and many wonder what lies beneath this dynamic and modern city. Coworking venues have now invaded its buzzing streets of bars and restaurants.

As much a town where locals thrive and tourists pop in to gawk, Merida also has its fair share of wandering nomads with laptops on their backs taking up residence for longer than they planned on staying. Coworking venues have appeared in the city to cater to the growing tech community that gathers amidst the ruins of yesteryear.
You won't find an airport in the town, but it's only a bit more than 3 hours driving to get to the recently renamed "Aeropuerto Adolfo Suárez, Madrid-Barajas".

Walking from the city heart to the Roman amphitheater antique sellers will try and inveigle you into parting with your cash, plus locally grown fruit and vegetable vendors smother the roadsides in colorful array. Quaint country farmhouses sit in the rural outskirts and the ancient Teatro Romano with its double tier of rising columns is used as a stage venue. You can meander over the Puente Romano that spans the Rio Guadiana and adjoins the Alcazaba, where you can gaze at this 9th Century Islamic fortress built over the Roman Walls.

Merida is a town balanced between its ancient heritage and its modern face. The perfect town to spend some time contemplating Roman ingenuity whilst you tap away on your laptop in one of the coworking spaces.