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The new word in the American dictionary is being "Bangalored".... in other words a person has been laid off because their job has moved to Bangalore through IT outsourcing...mmm.

Put on the body armor when you are in this town to protect your soft parts from the city dogs. Bangalore has the reputation of having a person bitten by a four-legged furry creature (aka a dog) every 5 minutes.
The Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore has about 212 software companies in its heart and it is the base for almost 47% of India's biotechnology companies including Biocon. There is the highest percentage of engineers here in the world, with over a million IT professionals calling Bangalore home. You will find 21 engineering colleges in the city with the Bangalore University affiliated with 57 Engineering Colleges. Named by Forbes Magazine as one of the world's fastest growing cities, its history goes back to prior 890 AD according to ancient records. Sadly though, it is the "suicide capital of India" with 35 suicides per 100,000 people. Considered to be one of the cleanest cities in India, the traffic however is horrendous. It was one of the first cities in India to have hydro-powered electricity in 1906 and once upon a time had more than 200 lakes. Today these lakes have been swallowed up by land reclamation and Bangalore is responsible for the highest number of lakes erased from the world map.

In a city where gardens have been replaced with pubs and smoking is de rigueur, there are still plenty of museums to explore, especially the NIMHANS Brain Museum for anyone curious about seeing the grey matter beneath a skull. For those that like something throbbing between their legs (aka a motorbike) there is the Legends Motorcycle Museum with vintage motorcycles on show, even some rare ones from World War II. The art lover has the National Gallery of Modern Art and the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat to stroll around. From historical monuments such as the Bangalore Fort to amusement parks or botanical gardens, there is plenty to gawk at or ride on, depending on your mood.

When you want to run away from the pack of dogs at your heels, you can always get out of town and go to a cave temple, Kaivara, to pray for good health and non-suicidal thoughts.

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