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Munich, 8th floor

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Coworking in Munich About Munich

Munich is often referred to as the city of "laptops and lederhosen" in a town where Father Christmas is very much alive and white asparagus is the favorite food. In Bavarian "Minga" is the translation for Munich and it is where you will find beer is cheaper to buy than mineral water, "oompah" log rafts float down the Isar River, river "surfers" brave the rapids come hail or shine, beer gardens ad nauseam and riding a bicycle is the normal mode of transport.

Quite often listed in the top 10 best cities in the world to live in and Germany's most prosperous city, despite the natives appearing to be somewhat on the gruff side, it has a warm vibe with a "live and let live" approach. This is quite evident by the amount of naked Germans in the summer months lurking in city parks and on the riverbank if the sun is out.

A standout venue for Oktoberfest frivolity and mayhem, it is home to the famous Hofbräuhaus beer hall built in 1589. The old town is a walker's dreamland with numerous stunning historical buildings and museums to explore. And, the best thing ever for digital nomads, there is an "Apple" store just off the main square.

Spring and summer are the best months to be in this vibrant cosmopolitan town that is dressed in gorgeous lakes, river streams and mountains. The outdoors will call the most avid couch lover to partake of its natural pleasures, especially in winter for the skiing. You can be in Austria in an hour by car, Italy only takes 2 hours and the Mediterranean is a quick 6-hour drive. It is the perfect place to don a Bavarian hat, take your borrowed dog on the train and learn how to yodel, if that is your bent.

Coworking in Munich About Munich

Coworking Spaces in Munich

Quickly becoming one of the most popular cities in Germany for coworking spaces, Munich is Germany’s second most-active start-up city. This designation makes the city a hub for entrepreneurs, remote professionals, and start-ups seeking different office options like coworking in Munich, rather than traditional workspaces. With urban real estate skyrocketing in the city and other German cities like Berlin and Hamburg, it comes as no shock that coworking spaces in Munich are becoming the new norm. Coworking in Munich offers awesome shared workspaces for professionals in many different industries, including finance, manufacturing, and technology, as well as significant amounts of venture capital.

Emerging Trend of Coworking Spaces in Munich

Thanks to Munich’s strong start-up community, the city is one of Europe’s top science and technology hubs. For this reason, there is plenty of industry-led use of shared office spaces in Munich. Known as Germany’s most liveable city, the city is home to multiple start-up accelerators that operate out of shared offices in Munich and help companies find their footing. Some of the major coworking brands, like Mindspace and Impact Hub, have locations in the heart of the Bavarian capital, making use of Munich shared office spaces offering shared desks, private offices, meeting rooms, and more.

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Choosing between the large number of shared workspaces in Munich can be challenging. But the good news is, Coworker can help you select the exact coworking Munich space that fits with your professional needs. You can narrow your search for a coworking space in Munich by a variety of elements, including price, location, accessibility, and parking availability. Coworker makes the search for your ideal coworking Munich location simple. Before long, you’re bound to be embracing a shared desk alongside other like-minded entrepreneurs who will become your colleagues and friends.

Affordable Coworking in Munich

Whether you’re looking for a coworking space in Munich in the Am Riesenfeld district, home to famous spots like the BMW headquarters as well as the site of the 1972 Summer Olympics, or maybe just near the city’s electrified rapid transit rail network, the U-Bahn, Coworker has plenty of high-quality options for you to choose from. If you need a private office, a meeting room, or just a shared desk to work away at, coworking in Munich is sure to be able to provide you with the experience you’re looking for. More than 200,000 professionals use Coworker every month to find a workspace. Join these satisfied customers and find your perfect coworking space in Munich today.