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During the Roman Empire the city of Sfax was a town known as "Taparura". Founded in 849AD on the ruins of Taparura, Sfax is a Mediterranean port city with a population of around the 330,440 mark. It's located about 270km from Tunis and its economy is mostly derived from industries such as fishing (it's the largest fishing port in Tunisia), agriculture (think nuts and olive oil) and trade of the import-export variety.
Sfax has been run over by the Romans, the Sicilians, the Spanish and the Ottomans. It eventually became a bolt-hole of Barbary pirates and their nefarious activities. The city gained independence from France in 1956. The city today is now home to coworking venues that have sprung up in its streets catering to its inventive locals who may like to indulge in a bit of bootlegging of their own.

Tunisia is the first country where startups have successfully lobbied policymakers to change the laws that affect them. Tunisia's Startup Act is taking the country's thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem forward in leaps and bounds. Local entrepreneurs changed laws that stifled competitiveness, such as currency controls, customs fees, lack of financial support and the unclear legal framework under which they struggled.

Coworking in Sfax is where the intrepid local souls hang out in collaborative bliss with a newfound sense of support by its government rather than a musket aimed at their pirate boat.