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dp Coworking Caracas, Caracas

dp Coworking Caracas


A dynamic coworking venue in Caracas that promotes efficiency of collaborative work and who will give you everything you ... More

Depanel Coworking, Caracas

Depanel Coworking


Created as a coworking space for innovators, creatives, and disrupters, Depanel offers multipurpose areas where professio... More

1 USD /d
Katara Espacios, Caracas

Katara Espacios


We define ourselves as an experience where all kinds of entrepreneurs, SMEs, start ups and companies can make your idea a... More

1 USD /d
Los Andes Coworking, Merida

Los Andes Coworking


We are entrepreneurs who saw the need to share their knowledge with many people and provide direct support so that their ... More

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Un espacio de trabajo ideal para emprendedores o freelancers que buscan en la ciudad de Caracas, un lugar... Show More
Néstor León T

Obviously a very liberal country, Venezuela may just have the perfect way to learn English in the form of an online language course start-up company aptly named "Naked Language Academy". The video has a teacher exposing her breasts to the tune of words such as "huge, adorable and beautiful". The idea behind it, not just for the titillating value, is to make learning a language more enjoyable...mmm. This is only one out-of-the box creative idea coming out of Venezuela's fertile creative pool of entrepreneurs.

A country sitting on the north coast of South America, Venezuela is internationally associated with its stunning Caribbean coastline overflowing with tropical resorts. The capital Caracas is located in the north, whilst the colonial town of Mérida is used as a base for exploring the famous Sierra Nevada National Park. A federal republic, it is bordered by Guyana, Brazil and Colombia, with a population of around the 33,221,865 mark. The country ranks 7th in the world for its number of animal species that range from the Amazon Basin to the Andes Mountains. Sadly the country suffers from economic inequality, poverty, economic problems (years of inflation), crime and corruption.

Of its population of 29,680,303, 61.5% are connected to the Internet with 43.8% playing around on Facebook. Some consider Venezuela a fertile ground for digital startups despite the locals queuing up for basic food products outside supermarkets and factories struggling to import raw materials. Because of the currency devaluation, labor costs are super low, making the country one of the cheapest places to hire skilled people for IT enterprises. It isn't just programmers that come at bargain basement prices, but any other skill that a fledging enterprise could want, as many locals are happy to just have a paying job. The trick is to know how to navigate the lay of the IT landscape.

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