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What People are Saying About Shared Office Space in Porto

Diana Amorim

Mydesk Coworking Solutions

"Ótimo espaço, muito agradável"

Paula Ribeiro

Mydesk Coworking Solutions

"Espaço muito agradável, seguro e muito bem pensado para os seus..."

Paula Monteiro

Mydesk Coworking Solutions

"Gosto muito do espaço."

Olivia Orlandine


"Espaçoso e bem localizado"


Porto Soul Coworking

"Would 100% come back. "

Lynn Park


"Highly Recommended!"

Melanie Gray


"Our time in Porto wouldn't be what it was without Land!"

Jeremy Rhoades


"Calm and Spacious Environment, Conducive to a focused mindset"

Luís Carvalho


"Best value-for-money coworking space in Porto"

Katy Hiss

Synergy CoWorking

"Great coworking space!"

Zé Vila Cova

Synergy CoWorking

"Awesome place "

António Homem

Armazem Cowork

"And the 'best cowork in Porto' award goes to..."



"Perfect place to be productive and feel at your best! "

António Homem

Typographia Cowork

"World-class cowork right in the heart of Porto. 'nuff said :)"

Eunice Lacerda

Marechal 1551

"Charming and Professional workplace"

Jorge Correia

Marechal 1551

""A great place to work""

Nuno Almeida

Marechal 1551

"Great place to work and share experiences in one of the most beau..."

Chelsea Herman

Typographia Cowork

"Great space, lovely group of people"

Edward Woodcock

Porto i/o Riverside

"Wonderful staff. Beautiful space with stunning views."

Inês Tabajara

Facts Coworking

"The ideal coworking space in the centre of Porto!"


Facts Coworking

"É um lugar incrível para se trabalhar - It's an amazing place t..."

Helder Soares

Facts Coworking

"Nice place, central location and awesome people"

Verónica Soares

Facts Coworking

""A great place to work""

Filipa Baptista

WOW_Work On Wood

"Perfect place to work"

Silvia Teixeira

CRU Cowork

"The perfect workplace."

Ana Seixas

CRU Cowork

"Cru is great! "

Carrilho Daniel

Porto i/o

"Best cowork in Porto"

Kaylee Roselle

Porto i/o Riverside

"Great Space. Great People."

Steven Strehl

Porto i/o

"Comfortable, spacious and fast internet"

João Martins

Porto i/o

"Be aware, it will definitely raise your coworking space standards"

Riccardo Argenta

Porto i/o Riverside

"Best view in town"

João Pereira

Porto i/o

"Best location, amazing environment"

João Leão


"Porto's FabLab"

Bruno Mota

Porto i/o

"Great place to do some serious work and socialize after hours"

Nelson Ferreira

Muratto Open Space Porto


Inês Vieira

CRU Cowork

"Best place!"

Gengis Khan



Vasco Barros

Muratto Open Space Porto

"Working inside a Design Show"

Muratto Open Space Porto

"cool and trendy place! "

Tadeusz Mollin

Porto i/o Riverside

"Amazing location"