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What People are Saying About Shared Office Space in Florence

Sander Mangel

TSH Collab - Florence

"Perfect place to work for a day or a week from and network"

Farah Liz

TSH Collab - Florence

"Love to be part of the community and the professional family !"

Alessio Caiazza

TSH Collab - Florence

"Perfect place"

Julio Francisco

TSH Collab - Florence

"This place has it all + more!"

Amanda Scott

TSH Collab - Florence

"Beautiful Space with Excellent Staff"

Erin Kerr

TSH Collab - Florence

"Stellar location with laid back vibes"

Marianne Moser

TSH Collab - Florence

"Great also just for a short stay :)"

Joëlle Edwards

TSH Collab - Florence

"They've got it spot on!"

Matt Nish

Nana Bianca

"Great space with wonderful people"

Chiara Mininni

Sit 'N' Breakfast

"Amazing place"