Rotterdam Progress Bar

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Kelly Sinterniklaas


Rotterdam, Netherlands

" One of the few real COworking spaces in Rotterdam "

The reason for me to join a coworking space, in general, is that I get really bored working from home alone. I like being around likeminded people and make work a bit more fun. Not every coworking space offers this kind of atmosphere though. At Progress Bar it feels like you work with some of your best friends on a daily basis. I don't know how the owner, Leon, does it, but I felt very comfortable right from the minute I walked in. The members are truly interested in one another's work and lives, and this is what I feel is what coworking is about. Great extras are the communal lunches, the whiskey & champagne themed meeting room and the lounge area.

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Emiel Van Dongen

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"Great place with very welcoming community and excellent service, by far the best co-working space in Rotterdam!" 

June 2019

I've worked in dozens of co-working spaces in four different continents and Progress Bar is my favourite so far. It's not as pretty as Hubud on Bali for example and it lacks a swimming pool like some of the co-working spaces I've been to, but it compensates amply with it's cosyness, the great community, all the amenities and the delicious and fun communal lunch. Leon the owner did a great job in creating and designing the place. He really makes sure everone feels at home and organizes events for members like an Eastern brunch, Friday afternoon drinks with beer and 'bitter balls' from the air fryer, etc. Already the first day my girlfriend and I felt very welcome since everybody here is super interested and social. That's perhaps what I appreciate the most: the community feeling. Although people here are very serious workwise, there is also a great social atmosphere with lots of chatting and laughter. Newcomers and people with a day pass are being treated as regular members. All the different spaces are also a big plus: next to the space with desks, there are also two meeting rooms/Skype rooms and a large and very light lounge area. In conclusion: awesome place. Thanks Leon and keep on going like this!

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Emmanuel Ramirez

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"Great community vibe and modern fully equipped space. " 

June 2019

Great space, amazing decor, modern, and a friendly environment. It has all the amenities that you might need, private space if you need it There is a great community vibe and everyone is helpful.

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