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Andres Campo


Rotterdam, Netherlands

" It's never a dull day at Progress Bar "

Progress Bar is the most fun co-working space in Rotterdam, I love their community and approach to work. It is an awesome space to meet other entrepreneurs and work in your projects. It is a relaxing environment and it is run by the Startup Foundation a great organisation that helps entrepreneurs with their challenges. I have hosted two events with Progress bar and they were very successful and the community helpful.

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Mark Den Cee

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"Highly recommended" 

September 2018

I highly recommend this place. Here is why: When I review a place I look for the following aspects: - location - ability to work - utilities - ambience - hosting Location First of all, the location is great. It lies in the heart of Rotterdam, and is therefore easy to reach. My ability to work I think it's important to work in a space where I will not be interrupted by sounds/noise from other people. Altough the place has open spaces, I got really productive and was able to get a lot of my work done. In other words: there are no unwanted distractions for me at this location. Utilities The place offers all the utilities you need to get your work done; desks, good internet connection and enough food and coffee to stay awake ;). I really love the "lounge area" where you can unwind with some tv / ps4 games. If you need to hold a private meeting: check out the champagne or whiskey room. The ambience in these rooms is inspiring. Ambience The whole setting gives a relaxed feeling. As said, there are certain areas which will provide you with needed inspiration. Hosting None of the above would be this good if it wasn't for its fascinating host. Leon does a great job in making everything as comfortable as possible. Conclusion: highly recommended

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Alberto Formaggio

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"Fantastic place and fantastic people!" 

September 2018

I've been working here for a month and I must say that I loved everything about this place. There are a beautiful space where to work very relaxing, with a comfortable bench, a lot of beautiful plants, a good wifi connection and a ps4 to play with the other workers in the downtimes . The outside space is great but a bit too noisy. Food is good and it is always openly accessible. Furthermore it is very near to the city centre, just a few minutes away. People here are nice and you can learn a lot of new things from them.

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