The Learning Hub

Joined April 2018
14 Phố Ngô Quyền, Hanoi, Vietnam

The Learning Hub is a home for all dreamers committed to creating positive impact.

Our dream: To support individuals committed to creating positive impact by bringing them together and creating a community of inspiration and collaboration.

What do we mean by positive impact? To us, positive impact means creating a sustainable, just, and inclusive economy that values people and planet above profit. It is the belief that work does not end with financial results, but can have a deep social, environmental and/or creative purpose.

Why a shared space? We wish to gather people that are hungry for meaningful work, deep connections and creative inspiration; to harness this energy in one place, so it can be strengthened and developed into a strong culture of collaboration within Hanoi's community of change-makers.

clock_icon_img Opening Hours

9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Yes we have meeting rooms! Message us for details

Classic Basics
  • High-Speed WiFi
  • Heating
  • Air Conditioning
  • Beanbags
  • Ergonomic Chairs
  • Events
  • Printer
  • Scanner
Relax Zones
  • Lounge / Chill-out Area
  • Kitchen
  • Skype Room
Cool Stuff
  • Library
  • Free Drinking Water
Caffeine Fix
  • Free Coffee
membership_icon_img Membership Fees
# People Duration Price Access Hours Availability
11 HourVND 20000.00 Reception HoursEnquire
11 DayVND 100000.00 Reception HoursEnquire
11 WeekVND 300000.00 Reception HoursEnquire
11 MonthVND 750000.00 Reception HoursEnquire
16 MonthsVND 617000.00 /monthReception HoursEnquire
11 YearVND 500000.00 /monthReception HoursEnquire
# People Duration Price Access Hours Availability
The Learning Hub has not added details about their Dedicated desks yet
# People Duration Price Access Hours Availability
14 Phố Ngô Quyền, Hanoi, Vietnam

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Very Good
Priscilla Milis
  • 1 Review
  • 0 Helpful Votes

"Inspiration and connection!"

    June 2018

    I started to work at The Learning Hub and waw, what a great workspace! Super cosy, good atmosphere, nice people, always really interesting conversation topics, good wifi,...And a lot of interesting workshops going on here! A really good hub to make connections, to find support and to develop your inner personality. All people here are working to have a positive impact, it creates such an amazing atmosphere! I ll definitely stay more here. I'm really feeling like home but being super productive here thanks to the people around me who are working on all their meaningful projects. You can also find great lunch around this hub

    0 Thank Priscilla

    The Learning Hub responded to this review

    Thank you Mi Lan <3

    Jasper Schenk
    • 2 Reviews
    • 5 Helpful Votes

    "Good co-working space in the heart of Hanoi"

      June 2018

      I really enjoyed working at The Learning Hub. Located in the center of Hanoi (near the lake) and a very friendly staff. They help you with all you needs. Although Hanoi is very crowded, it's quiet in here (except for some honking cars in the street). You can find a street with local Vietnamese food really close to the space for lunch. Ngo Trang Tien street. Cheap and delicious. Ask the staff for details. WiFi connection is fast enough to do a lot of work on your day. VOIP calls were ok. I can recommend this space when you are in Hanoi.

      3 Thank Jasper

      The Learning Hub responded to this review

      Dank je wel Jasper :D We are happy that you and Adrianne had a great & productive stay!

      Trí Dũng
      • 1 Review
      • 1 Helpful Vote

      "You work in your home."

        April 2018

        Best place to work and rest in Hanoi. The Learning Hub is a warm space with tea, coffee, beautiful music and lovely people. It also have a giant bookshelf with lots of books. The location is in the main area in Hanoi where you can easily find on the map. Everybody repests others' personal private zone. Moreover, there are many projects and group working here so you can expand your networking and meet a lot of interesting people. Oh, if you are hungry, just go to the stress and walk around, you can find food everywhere. I will come back here more often.

        1 Thank Trí

        Hoang Nguyen
        • 1 Review
        • 3 Helpful Votes

        "your home away from home"

          April 2018

          The Learning Hub is not your typical co-working space. First of all, it's quite small. It's also not packed with decorations and equipment. But most of your needs can still be met with a friendly request to the ever helpful staff. It really feels like you are visiting a friend's house to work together - or your friends visiting you! It's so homey and cosy, you can prepare your own cup of tea or coffee, share some snacks or an engaging conversation with people in the room, and from them seek new ideas, inspiration, support and collaboration, whenever you need. Come here a couple times and you will feel like you know everyone, part of the family. There is a separate space if you need some privacy to work or have a meeting, otherwise it's recommended to bask yourself in the warmth and light of the quirky, creative and passionate people who hang around here. You don't come here to be serviced, you come to be taken care of :)

          3 Thank Hoang

          Trang-Iris Nguyễn
          • 1 Review
          • 2 Helpful Votes

          "A co-working home"

            April 2018

            Home - because I'm always welcomed by friendly smiles (and even hugs). Home - because we can all share lunch and sit around the table like a family, enjoy the food and the people around. Home - because I'm supported with whatever idea I have, as long as it's creating a positive impact. Home - because I have everything to make my work as enjoyable as possible - tables and chairs to work with my laptop, beanbags to rest my back while reading a book, a couch for a quick nap if I'm tired, coffee, tea and food are always outside if I need some extra energy. Home - because at the center of a noisy city, there's a place full of light, quietness and green plants. Home - because the people there are not just any "people", but people working their hearts off in meaningful projects. Home - because the fee policy is so supportive, which makes being a free worker not as scary any more. Home - because we have 'family' chilling every Friday evening with pizzas, beer, jokes, laughter, ukulele(s) and drum. Home - because you can always be a part of it and make it your own. <3

            2 Thank Trang-Iris

            Megan Rees
            • 1 Review
            • 2 Helpful Votes

            "Chilled Atmosphere, Great People"

              April 2018

              The people that work at the Learning Hub are friendly and super helpful. The space is cozy and welcoming. It is also centrally located in the Old Quarter. I held a workshop here and it was the perfect place to do so. If you use this space, your world will open up to many wonderful and motivated people that live in Ha Noi. Also, not only is it a friendly space, it is also quiet with great WiFi, so you can get your work done. I highly recommend this space to anyone that needs a coworking space in Hanoi. You won’t regret it.

              2 Thank Megan

              Ngoc Le
              • 1 Review
              • 4 Helpful Votes

              "Nice space with nice people"

                April 2018

                In the center of the busy old quarter, it's hard to find such a nice, open, well-equipped and inspirational working place. It's no so large, but can meet almost all bare needs with a small library, kitchen, board, couches, etc. Moreover, if you are kind of stuck, it just takes an 1-minute walk to get some inspiration from a mouth-watering Trang Tien ice cream down stair or the peaceful refreshing Guom lake next door. And there are some cool people working in a wide range of fields there, don't forget to make friends when you come. Highly recommended if you want to find a convenient working space in the heart of the city.

                4 Thank Ngoc

                Zach Pinson
                • 1 Review
                • 7 Helpful Votes

                "Great if you're staying in Hanoi's Old Quarter"

                  April 2018

                  Not your traditional co-working space. Cozy, comfy, social. It's like working in a big living room full of friendly and supportive people who are happy to take a break and have a conversation about anything and everything. Great location--full of light, and only a very short walk from the south end of Hoan Kiem lake. Plenty of food, coffee, and snacks nearby. Great price too! What do you get here that you don't get a coffee shop? In one word: community. Ideal for anybody passing through Hanoi and staying in the Old Quarter. If you need a table (or beanbag) with air conditioning and WiFi for a day or three, this is your place!

                  7 Thank Zach

                  Koyo Do
                  • 1 Review
                  • 10 Helpful Votes

                  "My favorite place to go!"

                    April 2018

                    Lately i’ve been going to the Learning hub at least 3 times a day, mostly because of many interesting workshops there and I also love the people that go there. I always feel welcome and it is often full of positive vibes and hardworking people. Everyone here seems to have an ideal image of a better world and they are taking actions towards it! That definitely gives me a lot of motivation and I am not afraid of being ridiculed when I share my project idea to others here. I have facilitated a workshop here before (Drawing Love & Hate by Knowmads) and I feel very grateful that I had the Learning Hub members helping me with the logistics. The location is a bit hidden and the parking space is limited (you have to park elsewhere nearby), but there are so many other things that make the coworking space my favorite place. I could come here and work using their tools, I could go to a private space if an empty room is not used, I could go out to grab some food and quickly come back because it is in the center of Hanoi, I could ask for feedback on my projects because people here are from many different backgrounds and have different expertise.

                    10 Thank Koyo

                    Trà Phạm Thu
                    • 1 Review
                    • 9 Helpful Votes

                    "Friendly and Productive"

                      April 2018

                      After you go through the little mysterious alley, ring the bell (sometimes not necessary), and the warm lights will lead you to the white spiral staircase (or the lift). The Learning Hub is on the second floor. My first impression is that the furniture and decorations are really lovely. They have working tables, chairs, sofas and bean bags so it's good either if you want to focus on productive work or get a space for ideas to pop. The staff are super friendly and from various countries and backgrounds, they're great supporters and a great source of inspiration as well! They have really cool events and workshops so don't hesitate to sign up and join <3 What I like best (beside the people): the yellow wall and the little plants (and the cookies and pineapples) What I don't really like: you have to park elsewhere or the old lady will give you 5 phone calls... A plus: the ice-cream shop is right opposite, so you can give yourself a good treat after being super productive inside Hub :)

                      9 Thank Trà

                      Huyền Thanh
                      • 1 Review
                      • 8 Helpful Votes

                      "COOL BEANS"

                        April 2018

                        they have lights automatically turn on the way I go upstairs!!!! great atmosphere because people are friendly, we share foods like whoever has a chocolate bar or something we can always have a bite, haha. I like the "chill" space, there are comfortable bean bags and books, and XOFA(s). I like it when TLH often has workshops and small events gathering other cool people and it's definitely a good place to learn and to give FREE - LONG - WARM HUGS. TLH is multinational environment so I can meet people from different countries and know more about other cultures. Highly recommend and looking forward to TLH's workshops and events : D

                        8 Thank Huyền

                        An Nguyễn
                        • 1 Review
                        • 13 Helpful Votes

                        "I'm just happy whenever I go there <3"

                          April 2018

                          You could feel a very friendly and comfortable atmosphere the moment you walk into Learning Hub. It is filled with lovely people, including the staff that are always ready to help you with anything. There are desks, couches and super comfy bean bags to choose. I really love the shelf, which is full of books in both Vietnamese and English. And the green plants definitely add freshness into the room. Unfortunately, there is little space for parking so you will have to find somewhere else for your vehicles. Many interesting workshops and activities are often held there so also check them out ~

                          13 Thank An

                          Kani Poly
                          • 1 Review
                          • 12 Helpful Votes

                          "Just beautiful, friendly, cozy like home"

                            April 2018

                            There're many interesting and useful events here :) Where you can find like-minded people. I hope I could find my partner to start an enterprise here because The Learning Hub is vibrant and passionate people work at. Love the friendly staff. But I hope we have more food. I also love the bean bag, it's just so comfy. I want to live here, not only work here. The WC is a little bit weird, but it's OK. The light is amazing and sometimes creepy. You should have a photo with the yellow wall, ask the staff to have it. Hope you enjoy working here

                            12 Thank Kani

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