Coworking Space: CollabSPACE in San Fernando

Map icon CL Building, Pagdaraoan

Overview of CollabSPACE

CollabSPACE is the first collaborative space and coworking business center in San Fernando City, La Union. It is a place where you share work, equipment, advocacies, concepts and dreams with other people from diverse walks of life.
We offer coworking space, shared desks (hot desks), meeting space, business center, presentation space, seminars and mini-events space, study and reading Space, a mini library and café.
We connect with online freelancers, web developers, graphic designers, stock market enthusiasts, forex and global market traders, startups, creative artists, technologists, personal finance professionals, design and film makers, content creators, ecommerce, digital marketers, event planners, students, book lovers and various individuals and professionals.
Strategically located near malls, medical center, government one-stop center, schools, restaurants, fastfood, bayad centers and banks.
CollabSPACE - The space to connect ideas and innovate through collaboration.

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