LOFT Coworking Philippines

Joined December 2017
One Corporate Center, Meralco Ave. corner Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas Center, Penthouse 1, Pasig, Philippines
Starting at 550.00 PHP/day
1 day min. Term Prices & Fees

Yes we have meeting rooms! Message us for details.

One of the best coworking spaces in Manila! Book a hot desk today and enjoy a penthouse coworking space with a relaxing coffee shop vibe. Comes with fast wifi, unlimited coffee and access to Instagram-worthy lounge areas. Located in the Ortigas Central Business District, LOFT is a modern coworking space for freelancers, entrepreneurs, startup builders and even students!

As a member, you'll get instant access to the things you need to grow a business: from learning events, insights to the latest marketing tools and access to business formation services. Our available spaces: Hot Desk, Serviced Private Office, Meeting Room, Indoor Event Area, Roof Deck Event Area.

LOFT is also a tech startup community where an entrepreneur can walk-in and instantly collaborate with like-minded people. As a launchpad for startups, we help grow businesses in a creative and supportive environment. We have professional consultants and corporate attorneys who can assist startups with the following: Virtual Office, Business Incorporation and Registration, Legal Services, Accounting Services, HR Services, Marketing Services and IT Support. Visit loft.ph today!

24/7 member access

clock_icon_img Opening Hours

24 Hours
12:00 am - 5:00 pm
membership_icon_img Membership Fees
# People Duration Price Access Hours Availability
11 HourPHP 130.00 Reception HoursEnquire
11 DayPHP 550.00 Reception HoursBuy Now
11 MonthPHP 10000.00 Reception HoursBuy Now
# People Duration Price Access Hours Availability
11 MonthPHP 14000.00 Reception HoursEnquire
11 YearPHP 12600.00 /monthReception HoursEnquire
# People Duration Price Access Hours Availability
121 MonthPHP 162000.00 24 hoursEnquire
91 MonthPHP 121500.00 24 hoursEnquire
91 MonthPHP 133650.00 24 hoursEnquire
81 MonthPHP 118800.00 24 hoursEnquire
71 MonthPHP 94500.00 24 hoursEnquire
81 MonthPHP 108000.00 24 hoursEnquire
71 MonthPHP 94500.00 24 hoursEnquire
161 MonthPHP 237600.00 24 hoursEnquire
91 MonthPHP 133650.00 24 hoursEnquire
91 MonthPHP 121500.00 24 hoursEnquire
61 MonthPHP 81000.00 24 hoursEnquire
91 MonthPHP 133650.00 24 hoursEnquire
91 MonthPHP 121500.00 24 hoursEnquire
61 MonthPHP 81000.00 24 hoursEnquire
501 MonthPHP 675000.00 24 hoursEnquire
502 YearsPHP 540000.00 /month-Enquire

Membership: Hot Desk / Open Plan

# People
Access Hours Reception Hours
PHP 130.00

Membership: Dedicated Desk

# People
Access Hours Reception Hours
PHP 14000.00

Membership: Private Office

# People
Access Hours 24 hours
PHP 162000.00
Classic Basics
  • High-Speed WiFi
  • Air Conditioning
  • Standing Desks
  • Beanbags
  • Ergonomic Chairs
  • Events
  • Dual / Single Monitors
  • Sound Recording Equipment
  • Video Recording Equipment
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Photocopier
  • Computers (PCs)
  • Computers (Macs)
Relax Zones
  • Outdoor Terrace
  • Lounge / Chill-out Area
  • Kitchen
  • Skype Room
Cool Stuff
  • Free Beer
  • 24hr member access
  • Free Drinking Water
Caffeine Fix
  • Free Coffee
  • Onsite Cafe
One Corporate Center, Meralco Ave. corner Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas Center, Penthouse 1, Pasig, Philippines
Awards and Recognition

19 Reviews By the coworking community

4.8 out of 5

95%  of coworkers recommended

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Very Good
Ces Rodriguez
  • 1 Review
  • 3 Helpful Votes

"A great place to get your work done"

    July 2019

    This is a great place to get work done. Lots of natural light, fast WiFi, cold AC, free grind & brew coffee, a little nook for specialty coffees and quick bites (not free but super convenient), and a fab roof deck to wander around in if you're stuck and want to clear your head or think things through.

    3 Thank Ces

    Micaela De Guzman
    • 1 Review
    • 7 Helpful Votes

    "So much to love about LOFT"

      July 2019

      The wifi is fast, the coffee is free, and the staff is super friendly! The whole atmosphere at LOFT is great because it's chill and desks are very comfortable. Everything about the space just makes me feel more productive. There's also a great patio if you want some air and shake up your work routine.

      7 Thank Micaela

      Kaye B
      • 1 Review
      • 4 Helpful Votes

      "Great mix of convenience and productivity"

        July 2019

        Awesome coworking space in the buzzing Ortigas CBD! What's so great about LOFT is that it has accommodating hours. It functions 24 hours a day that makes it an inviting place for you to work any time you want! It's so convenient for young professionals like me for I can work without the distractions of other fussy places like coffee shops. One more thing I love about this coworking space is its proximity to the major malls and recreation areas. SM Megamall and Metrowalk are only 10-15 minute walk away! Plus, transportation is not a problem. Just step out of the building and public utility vehicles await you. No more long lines at the terminals! Well, if you're bound to Rizal, like me. I also love how they instill the eclectic theme of this space, not only through the good mix of furniture, but about bringing in people with different personalities in one place.

        4 Thank Kaye

        Jason Marges
        • 1 Review
        • 5 Helpful Votes

        "Easily the best place to be productive in the busy Ortigas CBD area"

          July 2019

          Loft checks all the boxes for me as far as my work space needs go. The place is spacious, bright, and has a lively, pleasant vibe -- just enough to keep you motivated without being distracting. I love that there's an outdoor/roof deck area that lets me step out and catch my breath whenever I start to feel overwhelmed. Props to the courteous staff there, too! Lots of major malls and excellent places to eat nearby, too. Less than a 10-minute walk away. From SM Megamall to Ayala The 30th, to the restos at Metrowalk, I get my post-work fix easily. I've only used the open seating areas on daily packages so far, but I've seen the meeting rooms and private offices too and I'm pretty sure I'll use them next time I have a team project to work on. I find the rates fair considering the fast and steady internet service, ideal vibe that matches my work style, and the place's excellent central location.

          5 Thank Jason

          Gee Kay Rodri
          • 1 Review
          • 3 Helpful Votes

          "Great view from the top"

            July 2019

            How can you not love this place? You have a great view of the Ortigas cityscape while working from the comfort of an air-conditioned environment. The staff is nice, hospitable, and friendly. No complaints about the WiFi. You can choose from any of their available desks in the vicinity and be productive because everyone there respects each other's space. And since this is right smack in the middle of the Ortigas area, you've got a gazillion food options in and around the area. Coffee? They got your back, too.

            3 Thank Gee Kay

            Allyonzo Arevalo
            • 1 Review
            • 5 Helpful Votes

            "Great place to be productive"

              July 2019

              With fast WiFi, lots of comfy seats, modernized meeting rooms, and affordable pricing, Loft has got all the coworking essentials down. What keeps me coming back is their accommodating service and chill vibe that makes it easy to be productive. A huge plus too to their huge outdoor patio and overall clean working area.

              5 Thank Allyonzo

              Maria R
              • 1 Review
              • 5 Helpful Votes

              "Great location, fair prices"

                July 2019

                I love working here. Very close to SM Megamall and MRT Ortigas. There's a huge balcony with great views of the city. The pantry is pretty clean. Wifi is reliable.

                5 Thank Maria

                Mikey Jimenez
                • 1 Review
                • 10 Helpful Votes

                "Love working at Loft"

                  July 2019

                  Excellent coworking space. Their entire staff is friendly and always ready to help whenever you need anything. The work area itself is very ideal as well, spacious with plenty of desks to choose from, so it's easy to find a nice, comfy spot where you can be productive. Plenty of great restaurants around the area, too. Highly recommended!

                  10 Thank Mikey

                  brenda lacerona
                  • 1 Review
                  • 7 Helpful Votes

                  "Best coworking space"

                    July 2019

                    I love how bright and airy the place is, and most of it is from natural lighting, which really does wonders for my mood. Workspaces are comfy with plenty of leg room. Internet is fast, there's free coffee, and great views, especially from the spacious patio. Thanks for a great experience each time, Loft!

                    7 Thank Brenda

                    Noelani Torre
                    • 1 Review
                    • 11 Helpful Votes

                    "Great value for money"

                      July 2019

                      My go-to coworking space in Ortigas. WiFi is fast, there's a good mix of desks, the chairs are nice and comfy, and the price is just right. There's a coffee place if you want something fancier than a regular cup of coffee (or you're too lazy to make yourself one) and the community managers are friendly and approachable (hi Lou!). My favorite feature is probably the big patio outside, where you can get some sun and eat al fresco if you feel like it.

                      11 Thank Noelani

                      Tony Wei
                      • 1 Review
                      • 45 Helpful Votes

                      "Not a safe place to work."

                        June 2019

                        I notice they don't have evacuation plan in the facility (in case of emergency) and lack of fire extinguishers as well. Also, the signages of their private offices are very cheap. Unbelievable! Definitely not recommended.

                        45 Thank Tony

                        Shaun Miller
                        • 2 Reviews
                        • 5 Helpful Votes

                        "great internet speed"

                          February 2019

                          BIg place, great internet was about 40MB download speed I think, Aircon was a little cold so bring a sweater. However a little bit cold aircon is perfect for work productivity. There is an awesome roof top view here. I didn't come here to socialize but I mean everyone seemed friendly . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

                          5 Thank Shaun

                          Mariel Bitanga
                          • 3 Reviews
                          • 11 Helpful Votes

                          "Great 24 hour space with a modern vibe"

                            September 2018

                            I have worked at Loft several times already and it was always a great experience. The staff especially Lou, Sabina, and Jamie were very accommodating. Apart from the free coffee, there is also a coffee kiosk that you can buy from that is really yummy. The space is big and modern. The WiFi was reliable and there were many power outlets around. I love that they have walk in and per hour rates as well. It's also 24 hours! The building has a canteen so you don't have to go far to eat but there are also many restaurants in the area. Overall, always a great experience and will definitely work there again!

                            6 Thank Mariel

                            LOFT Coworking Philippines responded to this review

                            We miss having you here at our space, Mariel! See you soon! :) - Team Loft

                            Kenzie Du
                            • 8 Reviews
                            • 9 Helpful Votes

                            "The Most Value-for-Money Coworking Space Yet"

                              March 2018

                              It's hard to find a coworking space that is as roomy yet comfortable as Loft. The space to work on your own but not isolated was very helpful for when I need to focus on my freelance tasks. I go here when I have some serious work to do, and it hasn't failed me yet! The roof deck also offers a wonderful view and get some (relatively) fresh air. The coffee is great, the staff members are so friendly and helpful, and the Wi-Fi is fast and stable. The bathrooms and the pantry are also A+! I don't mind spending a whole day working in a space like this!

                              6 Thank Kenzie

                              LOFT Coworking Philippines responded to this review

                              Thank you Kenzie, for your wonderful feedback. We love having you here as well! :)

                              Mystery Coworker

                              "The Sky's the Limit!"

                                March 2018

                                I've been hungry for co-working spaces all around Manila for years now, as a firm believer of the digital nomad lifestyle. There are spaces far and few that capture my eye but as an Interior Designer, I can guarantee that you can make any box look hella good with proper interior decorations. So what makes LOFT stand out from rest of the spaces? The view. In a concrete jungle like Manila, it's refreshing to work in a space where the skies and the mountains in the background are in clear abundance. In the mornings, I sit by the patio to watch the sun rise over the mountains and get a good zen fix and organize my to-do list for the day and in the afternoon, I catch the sun set over Manila bay's view as the day ends. This penthouse space definitely has all its cool perks like ultra fast WiFi, artisanal coffee, cool community & culture, and a killer afternoon playlist, but nothing tops the stellar view.

                                Patricia Blanche
                                • 1 Review
                                • 8 Helpful Votes

                                "Loft is an amazing place to stay in and work!"

                                  March 2018

                                  I've worked at Loft and I must say that the place is very conducive to working. The patio is relaxing whenever I would like to take a break, the view is breathtaking and I forget that I am in a workplace. My favorite area is the one with the beanbags. I usually hold my calls here (with my team) and it's comfy to work with my laptop as well. I also love the couch beside the phone booth, as the background looks nice on photos and videos whenever I record my Vlogs. Aside from the nice areas that I've mentioned, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who is in love with the coffee offered by Ellipsis, or if low on coffee budget, they also have unlimited coffee for all lofters. Loft is way beyond other co-working spaces and I would definitely recommend this to my friends too!

                                  8 Thank Patricia

                                  Michael Martinez
                                  • 1 Review
                                  • 9 Helpful Votes

                                  "Really the best co-working space in Pasig, right in the Ortigas CBD"

                                    March 2018

                                    The atmosphere is great for working, the staff friendly, a variety of events are held here, some tech related, others advocacies, and even health and wellness. Keep checking their events page for updates on public events. Getting to the place is easy, but do book ahead. WIFI is stable and fast. Co-working desks and Tables are well spaced, nice and productive. If you need the privacy of a conference room, there's one large one and three smaller ones that sit several peeps. There's a pantry where you can enjoy your takeout meal. Nearly forgot, the coffee is good... and unlimited.

                                    9 Thank Michael

                                    Czarina Mallari
                                    • 1 Review
                                    • 7 Helpful Votes

                                    "No surrenders at Riverrun!"

                                      February 2018

                                      Our group and I have always been on the search for a space where we could meet and conduct our meetings and trainings and we were extremely happy to find the LOFT in the nearby area. Love the GOT themed conference rooms too (we rented Riverrun). Best experience, best service, and best view! They’re also very responsive on their FB page messenger. We also appreciate the VIP treatment and it made our group feel as if we were in our very own office space. Worth every penny. We didn’t want to leave at all but had to go home already.

                                      7 Thank Czarina

                                      Rachel De Mesa
                                      • 1 Review
                                      • 11 Helpful Votes

                                      "Amazing people, amazing space"

                                        December 2017

                                        Gotta say.. I'm in love with the new Loft Coworking space. I don't mind spending an entire day here since they have all the amenities you would ever need for a productive work day. First off, the staff is very friendly, professional and accommodating. I had a lot of questions at first, but they got me settled in comfortably, complete with a personalized ID and dedicated workstation. Conference rooms are top notch and really inspire your A-game. I've held a few creative brainstorming sessions here and it's very conducive to collaboration. Interiors are very cozy, stylish and well kept. It's at the penthouse level with lots of natural light coming in, complete with an outdoor deck for taking quick breaks from the grind. The office crowd is a creative bunch, perfect for startups and sharing ideas. Best of all, it's in the heart of Ortigas Center and absolutely accessible. Awesome job, Loft Coworking. Can't wait til my next visit! :)

                                        11 Thank Rachel

                                        LOFT Coworking Philippines responded to this review

                                        Thank you for your review, Rachel! :)

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