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What People are Saying About Shared Office Space in Charleston

Mugginz McGee

Local Works

"Clearly the finest WorkSpot for me and my squad to take care of b..."

Hilary Johnson

Local Works

"A perfect place to call home"


Local Works

"great place to work"

Eric Bickel

Local Works

"Local is the only way to be! "

Jalen Johnson

Local Works

"Productive and Enjoyable Coworking Space"


Local Works

"Great interior design, awesome amenities"


Local Works

"Co-Working First Timer"

Mary Hunter

Local Works

"A truly community-oriented space"

CT Burton

Local Works

"I saved millions on free coffee! "

Jacob Berton

Local Works

"Great space + Amazing community"

Lauren Hanzel

The Exchange

"Great space!"

Josh Mackenzie

The Exchange

"The Exchange review"