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Overview of Levi's Business Hub Limited

Ready to get down to business? On the beautiful Hellshire road in Portmore Jamaica for as low as 500JMD an hour we offer a shared coworking space that pulses with energy and creativity. Upon entering is a realm of productivity, where diverse talents converge, and where the traditional boundaries of work dissolve into an atmosphere of limitless possibilities.
Whether it for work, for school, a meeting session or even an event we will provide you with a quiet and clean space. Polished tiled floors lead to an open lounge area with many chairs and tables, inviting individuals to network, brainstorm, or unwind with a cup of our free and unlimited coffee from our coworking space.
The space is an architectural marvel, with a cozy look. White partitions create private meeting rooms and phone booths, offering a sanctuary for focused discussions or confidential calls. In our conference room we offer a private meeting space, with a tv for projecting image from the computer. Our conference room is suitable for: Meeting one or more clients, Business meeting, Class Meetings, Focus Group, Study Group, Conference Calls and Planning Sessions.
This ready-to-work workstation is located in a closed office with 4 other semi-private workstations. Not only do we offer free coffee but we also offer free tea, ginger, mint, green tea, or fruitea whichever flavor will be your delight you can enjoy in our space. We offer printing services such as copy, scan and fax to suite all of your document needs. Borrow one of our extra computers, monitor and other equipment you need to work more efficiently. Laptop, Extra monitor, Ring Light, Elevated desk (to stand & work), Keyboard, and Mouse.
Can't focus at home? Bring your office work, computer work, school work & focus, and get the job done. Work among others who like you, are knocking out that to-do list and getting the day's task accomplished. Come work in our lounge on ergonomic work furniture, with access to unlimited high speed internet coffee & tea.
But it's not just about the physical space; it's about the community that breathes life into it. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, and remote workers from diverse backgrounds coalesce, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of knowledge sharing, skill exchange, and mutual support. Networking events, workshops, and seminars regularly grace the calendar, enriching the collective experience and fostering professional growth.

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