Coworking Space: Lab22 in Rome

Map icon via delle rimesse 22, 00015 Monterotondo

Overview of Lab22

At Lab22 there’s coworking spaces and shared offices to accommodate your work needs. Ideal pricing options, secure and optimum space along with the presence of a dynamic community, Lab22 is truly all inclusive which makes them a great option to choose from when you’re out space hunting.

Both stylish and modern, the Lab22 space has a stunning professional interior with highly matched furnishings. Coworking stations are equipped with functional desks and ergonomic chairs within an open plan space. There’s plenty of room to move around giving it a sense of breathability. The recreation room is where you can take some time out and drink a hot cup of coffee or read a book from the library. There’s also a balcony if you feel like enjoying the view over a cigarette.

Optimize your work and life through coworking at Lab22 where the community share the same values. Openness, creativity and innovation are practiced throughout the Lab22 space. You’ll be eager to focus on your individual work as well as explore collaboration opportunities alongside fellow like minded professionals. As your achieve higher work productivity, you’ll also have the chance to express interest in other areas through exchanging expertise with other professionals from various industries in the Lab22 shared workspace.

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