UP center

Joined August 2019
29-31 Bartók Béla út, Budapest, Hungary
Starting at 10.00 EUR/day
1 day min. Term Prices & Fees

Yes we have meeting rooms! Message us for details.

We've built a digital community space for true lovers of the internet, in the creative center of the beautiful Budapest. This is the place for sharing your knowledge with the next generation (we run a digital academy) and the other professionals, get inspired and make international friendships.
We don't have prices, donate as much as you want. :)

#LivePositive #UPhilosophy #UPeople #meetUP

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9:00 am - 7:00 pm
membership_icon_img Membership Fees
# People Duration Price Access Hours Availability
# People Duration Price Access Hours Availability
11 MonthEUR 120.00 Reception HoursEnquire
# People Duration Price Access Hours Availability
11 DayEUR 10.00 Reception HoursBuy Now
11 MonthEUR 100.00 Reception HoursBuy Now

Membership: Private Office

# People
Access Hours

Membership: Dedicated Desk

# People
Access Hours Reception Hours
EUR 120.00

Membership: Hot Desk / Open Plan

# People
Access Hours Reception Hours
EUR 10.00
Classic Basics
  • Heating
  • Air Conditioning
  • Standing Desks
  • Beanbags
  • Ergonomic Chairs
  • Events
  • Dual / Single Monitors
  • Sound Recording Equipment
  • Video Recording Equipment
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Photocopier
  • Computers (PCs)
Relax Zones
  • Outdoor Terrace
  • Lounge / Chill-out Area
  • Kitchen
  • Makerspace
  • Personal Lockers
Cool Stuff
  • Library
  • Cat-friendly
  • Free parking on premise
  • Wheelchair Accessibility
  • Free Drinking Water
Caffeine Fix
  • Free Coffee
29-31 Bartók Béla út, Budapest, Hungary

19 Reviews By the coworking community

4.9 out of 5

100%  of coworkers recommended

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Very Good
Tamás Keményffy

"My review of UP center"

    November 2019

    great team behind a great concept with heart and passion for education also. coworking and co-study hand in hand. in the new center of the young Budapest

    Luke McConaghey
    • 25 Reviews
    • 34 Helpful Votes

    "Free wi-fi tastes better"

      October 2018

      I am working and traveling in Europe, and completed a trial day at this space when I was staying over the river in Upest. Many co-working spaces allow a free trial day, as you know if you're a user of this website. UP Center is no exception here... in fact, you can trial it for as long as you like. Personally, I browse coworking.com the same way I browse Tinder: I just look at the pictures and location, and never read the description. If you are the same, then I'd like to draw your attention to this tidbit buried a few sentences into the blurb for this space: "We don't have prices, donate as much as you want. :)" That's right - the space is pay-what-you-want. Try it out, pay what you can - who knows, maybe you can just help them clean the kitchen occasionally if you've spent all your cash at the ruin bars that week. The space itself is vibrant and busy: a type of youth code academy is run there.

      3 Thank Luke

      Dave Sangjoong Kim
      • 46 Reviews
      • 50 Helpful Votes

      "Good space, good people, good mission seems to make this place better."

        August 2018

        The UP center Co-working space is a coworking space in the center of Buda with a mission to educate youth. A variety of productive spaces are available, and swingers and beanbags are great for relaxing. The staff and coworkers are very kind and friendly. UP center Co-working space community is active among the co-workers. Events and forums are held on various topics after work. Nearby was Gellért Hill Cave and the Danube river so we could have a walk after work. Good space, good people, good mission of The UP center Co-working space seems to make this place better. ~

        1 Thank Dave Sangjoong

        Flora Legradi
        • 1 Review
        • 1 Helpful Vote

        "Real coworking experience in the heart of Buda"

          March 2018

          From my first visit to Up center, I felt like I'm part of the community full of friendly and open-minded people. The environment is really productive and you can even work in a hanging chair! If you need extra privacy, there are separate meeting rooms. Members are supporting each other professionally and many of us are friends too. If our in-house barista is not in service, there is a coffee next door serving also breakfast and lunch. This part of the city has a special, liveable and loveable atmosphere with artsy shops and galleries. Important to note: vegan places all around in 5-10 minutes walking distance!

          1 Thank Flora

          Gábor Ombodi
          • 1 Review
          • 1 Helpful Vote

          "The greatest coworking place"

            March 2018

            Its a great non-profit place to work, to extend our work relationships, to work at a comfortable place. Staff is excellent, monitors and wifi are also great. It's a dog friendly place and they also have a fish tank :) It's in a great place to reach easily, near to a very busy public transport place of Budapest. Free water, free coffe makes the place more better. They have a place to keep our bicycles. Armchairs and beanbags are great to rest at breaks. XBox 360 is also a great way to rest. I can not write more words words

            1 Thank Gábor

            Zsuzsanna Pavek
            • 1 Review
            • 1 Helpful Vote

            "The best coworking place in Budapest"

              March 2018

              If you d like to join a real community where people are helpful and motivated go and visit UP center. Coworkers like their job and it feels in every moment. It is not a simple working place. UP center has a philosophy and based on charity. It helps for the next generation in digital learning. Maybe it is not the biggest coworking place in Budapest, but I think it has the biggest heart:) The staff is very kind and they do everything in the office with their hands. So I offer everybody to visit UP center. It has good location in the heart of the city in XI. district.

              1 Thank Zsuzsanna

              Ildikó Nátó
              • 2 Reviews
              • 3 Helpful Votes

              "Best Coworking place ever in Budapest"

                March 2018

                UP Center is a wonderful place to work! If you're looking for an amazing Coworking place where the Internet is fast and the people are awesome, then you've made the right decision. The space is well lit, creatively decorated, and spacious. Lots of space to work in different configurations in a friendly and quiet environment. I've met really interesting people and look forward to my work days here! Great food nearby, nice staff, and good coffee in the office. The bonus is the networking potential the place affords. What more could I want?! I highly recommend this co-working space. #BEUP #UPCENTER #UP #UPCENTERBUDAPEST

                1 Thank Ildikó

                Ildikó Nátó
                • 2 Reviews
                • 3 Helpful Votes

                "Thank you!"

                  March 2018


                  2 Thank Ildikó

                  Szabolcs Tóth
                  • 1 Review
                  • 1 Helpful Vote

                  "The best coworking space in Budapest!"

                    March 2018

                    The staff is very friendly and helpful. The community is amazing, a lot of friendly and kind coworker which makes a really good atmosphere during work. The wifi is strong, I've never had a problem with it before. The location is also favorable, there is a lot of good restaurants and cafes near to the "office" and you can reach it by every kind of public transport. The UP philosophy and lifestyle also amazed me. " UP is a philosophy and lifestyle from Budapest which means: your dreams can come true, you are good and have talent, you are unique, you are free forever, you can trust yourself and all others." In the end UPcenter also have a free trial day so do not hesitate to try it ! :) beUPtimist

                    1 Thank Szabolcs

                    Mystery Coworker

                    "The best coworking place"

                      March 2018

                      There are a very good atmosphere, helpful staff, everything donation based, because they mission is youth education. They a non-profit organization! The community is very good and there are a lot of interesting event!!!!! The wifi is very fast!! They have a best coffee for Maran, I love it! I was a lot of coworking place, but this is the best for me. The coworkers are very nice, open-minded and helpful, the staff too. I suggest for everybody, who try a very special, enchanted, pleasant, wonderful coworking space and want to meet special, good heads with people and feel good :))

                      Eszter Virágh
                      • 1 Review
                      • 1 Helpful Vote

                      "My own experience"

                        March 2018

                        I've been to many interesting events, a good coworking community, we help each other, we work together. The staff is very nice, flexible, adaptable. The rooms and equipment are a super inspirational environment for both learning and working together. Comfortable office for a startup company and a coworker, fine coffee, fast wifi and animal friendly place :) There are teams that can find their place here who want to organize a club or forum on certain topics eg. code, ux developers, photographers, marketing or crisis communication communities, lean training. They usually start meetings after work. Simply cool place and coworking office.

                        1 Thank Eszter

                        Gábor Szántai
                        • 1 Review
                        • 1 Helpful Vote

                        "Very kind staff"

                          March 2018

                          I love to be there, the atmosphere is very cool, staff is kind and friendly coworkers :) It's at a very good place in Budapest, the underground, buses, trams are so close to there and I can park by bicycle too. It's a very important opportunity for me. After a hard work day I can go up to Gellért hill to chill from there, because it is at the bottom of the hill. I recommend it for all of freelancers and digital nomads. And one other opinion, I love that the paying system is donate based, it's a speciality I think in the coworker's world in Hungary.

                          1 Thank Gábor

                          Toth Zoltán
                          • 1 Review
                          • 1 Helpful Vote

                          "Love this place!"

                            March 2018

                            donation based coworking, spent the donations for kid education what is really special, so you can help others if you go here. btw it's a really cozy, friendly place in the best location. thousands of restaurants all over there, so try it! Next to the space there is one of the best coffee shop in the city, and if you finish work, you can take a beauty walk across Freedom bridge which is only 3 min walk . You can Ohhh, and one more, you chan hire a talking room which one more than cheap or a small studio to prepare podcast, video in HQ.

                            1 Thank Toth

                            Diána Kertész-Foki
                            • 1 Review
                            • 1 Helpful Vote

                            "Pleasant place and nice people with good location."

                              March 2018

                              UP center is quite new place, continously evolving. The staff and the community usually works there is very kind. The amenities are appropriate. The atmosphere is lively. I like the colorful graffity walls. It has a good location in the city centre with coffee shops and places to eat nearby. The wifi is good. It is possible to have a fix table/place if needed. UP center frequently organises various programs and workshops, meetups. The fees of the coworking space are based on donations. They organize courses for young and and motivated people to gain useful knowledge in digital inteligence and creativity.

                              1 Thank Diána

                              Mystery Coworker

                              "Search of an appropriate coworking space"

                                February 2018

                                There are a nice, friendly place with interesting, open-minded, sugar coworkers and super staff :) They have an excellent philosophy:UP is a philosophy and lifestyle from Budapest which means: - your dreams can come true - your are good and have talent - you are unique - you are free forever - you can believe and trust yourself and all others And the most interesting fact: they are a non-profit organisation for 7 years ago (they reach mor than 63 000 children before) and now they have been buliding an academy for youth! The main golas: teach everything, which was left out of the normal school system. And everything is donation based!!! Which means that whoever takes the place supports the students!

                                Marcel Darvas
                                • 1 Review
                                • 6 Helpful Votes

                                "Great place to get some work done and meet with other freelancers!"

                                  September 2017

                                  I can definitely recommend this coworking place over others, as they have plenty of external monitors available at the desks in the spacious coworking area. They also operate on a pretty cool donation-based pricing model, as their mission is to provide knowledge-sharing to their educational initiatives.

                                  6 Thank Marcel

                                  Henrik Lassu
                                  • 1 Review
                                  • 4 Helpful Votes

                                  "The best place to work at in Budapest."

                                    September 2017

                                    It's an awesome place for working on your business or freelancing carrier. Why? 1. The people. You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. You'll find entrepreneurs, freelancers and above-all friendly and open-minded people to hang out and brainstorm with. 2. Work. You get a desk and a monitor for about half the price of any other place yet the quality is the same if not better. The place itself is quiet and well-lit, I can easily work here the all day without being tired. Comfy chairs + good monitors = a comfy work place. All in all, I highly recommend anyone to try it out if you're looking for a better place than cafes to work at, or you're struggling to be productive in your home office.

                                    4 Thank Henrik

                                    Marina Marik
                                    • 2 Reviews
                                    • 8 Helpful Votes

                                    "comfortable place for working"

                                      September 2017

                                      The modern and comfortable place for working. There are no digital nomads, everyone knows each other and it looks as a coworking for friends. Fast and stable internet connection. You won't spend any time trying to find it, it's so easy. Big banner will help you don't miss it.

                                      5 Thank Marina

                                      Bálint Drahota-Szabó
                                      • 1 Review
                                      • 4 Helpful Votes

                                      "You have space, great sorrounding and mates"

                                        February 2017

                                        UP center is not a typical co-working office.. it's literally a community space, in the heart of the city! There are a very friendly staff, eager children, a freelancer community (Digital CraftMakers), comfortable chairs/sofas.

                                        4 Thank Bálint

                                        UP center responded to this review

                                        thanks for all! :)

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