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Greebee Parhar


Berlin, Germany

" Tuesday Coworkin "

Tuesday Coworking is by far one of the best coworking spaces I've had the pleasure of being a part of, and I've seen my share! The people and staff are very kind and everyone is great to be around. The events that take place at the coworking space are also brilliant (movie nights etc). I would definitely recommend the space for any creative etc that needs a quiet and friendly place to work! I've also become close friends with some of the staff and coworkers! And one of the best parts about it all is after a long day of hard work, there's also a nice cold one in the fridge!

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Luisa Beck

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"If friendliness, productivity, and homey-ness had a child…" 

March 2018

It’d be called “Tuesday coworking”. It’s hard to imagine a place with more light, positive interactions, and spaces for quiet concentration, meetings, and inspiring lunchtime conversations. I’ve been able to get tons of work done, discover secrets in my neighbourhood, and make new friends at Tuesday. It’s also very clean, has all the amenities — coffee, printer, meeting rooms, plugs, shelves, etc., and a very responsive, caring, and dedicated host. Also, art work, open movie nights, work exchanges, pizza parties and other events make the space feel truly creative and part of the neighbourhood. I look forward to heading to the space each morning and couldn’t recommend it more.

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Johannes Herweg

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"Forget about home-office!" 

February 2018

Great working atmosphere (quiet, respectful) Positive, friendly and open minded cooperative contact among members Amicable socializing at lunch breaks I used to work at home-office but got sick of being all alone and spending more and more time avoiding work. Tuesday coworking came to me like a gift from heaven! Now my flat is just for my family and tuesday is the place where I can concentrate on work, meet friendly people, having a great atmosphere to stay productive. Dividing private life and work-life turned out to be really beneficial to me. Not a sterile and anonymous space like other coworking spaces but comfortable and lovingly decorated as a living-room. My first choice. Definitely the place where I will keep on working. It leaves no real alternatives!!! I heartly recommend to come and join the tuesday community.

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