Joined April 2019
Akadeemia 3, Tartu, Estonia

Yes we have meeting rooms! Message us for details.

Mobispace is a super-cozy (hygge!) coworking office located in the center of Tartu, conveniently close to ... everything.
We have really fast internet connection, free coffee and comfortable call booths & meeting rooms for everyone!
The heart of Mobispace are the people in it - everyone is warm and welcoming - a perfect place for remote workers and startups.
We have a private office for a start-up team!

24/7 member access

clock_icon_img Opening Hours

9:00 am - 5:00 pm
membership_icon_img Membership Fees
# People Duration Price Access Hours Availability
Mobispace has not added details about their Private Office yet
# People Duration Price Access Hours Availability
11 MonthEUR 200.00 24 HoursEnquire
# People Duration Price Access Hours Availability
11 DayEUR 15.00 Reception HoursEnquire

Membership: Private Office

Mobispace has not added details about their Private Office yet

Membership: Dedicated Desk

# People
Access Hours 24 Hours
EUR 200.00

Membership: Hot Desk / Open Plan

# People
Access Hours Reception Hours
EUR 15.00
Classic Basics
  • High-Speed WiFi
  • Heating
  • Air Conditioning
  • Standing Desks
  • Beanbags
  • Ergonomic Chairs
  • Events
  • Community Lunches
  • Community Drinks
  • Pitching events
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Photocopier
  • Projector
  • Chromecast
  • Microphone
  • AR Equipment
  • VR Equipment
Relax Zones
  • Outdoor Terrace
  • Lounge / Chill-out Area
  • Kitchen
  • Skype Room
  • Showers
  • Phone Booth
  • Event Space For Rent
  • Nearby Airbnb
Cool Stuff
  • Table Football / Foosball
  • Dog-friendly
  • Board Games
  • Darts
  • Massages
  • Free parking on premise
  • Bike Parking
  • Bike Storage
  • 5 Minute Walk From Public Transit
  • Wheelchair Accessibility
  • 24hr member access
  • Free Drinking Water
Caffeine Fix
  • Free Tea
  • Free Coffee
Akadeemia 3, Tartu, Estonia
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27 Reviews By the coworking community

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Very Good
Jevgeni Menšenin
  • 1 Review
  • 0 Helpful Votes


    September 2020

    Good and convenient environment suitable for enjoyable and productive work.

    0 Thank Jevgeni


    "My review of Mobispace"

      November 2019

      Here are familial co-workers and the workspace allows you easily fall into the flow state.


      "My review of Mobispace"

        November 2019

        As an office it is comprised of a great balance of buzzing, social people, very focused individuals and all the useful modern amenities we've come to expect of any shared office building. Great internet, hot sauna! :)

        Heimar Lecht

        "My review of Mobispace"

          November 2019

          Mobispace has nice people, super friendly and helpful office manager, good AC for the hot summer days, modern rooms and bathrooms and plenty of meeting rooms and call booths for the size of the space.

          Jaanus Rõõmus

          "My review of Mobispace"

            November 2019

            You are loved and cared for from the first step you make all thanks to our splendid Office Manager. AC cools you down on the summer and ice-cream party on the balcony is reality.

            Jason Parks

            "My review of Mobispace"

              November 2019

              Great space, great amenities, wonderful people


              "My review of Mobispace"

                November 2019

                Mobispace is superb! Great people, great location, great coffee, great table football, great air conditioner and did I mention great people? :)

                Lauri Kinkar

                "My review of Mobispace"

                  November 2019

                  Mobispace has great interior design, it has managed to form a great community around itself and of course, that terrace in summer is the bomb :)

                  Liis Jüri

                  "My review of Mobispace"

                    November 2019

                    Mobispace is cozy and full of friendly and helpful people. It has everything and even a bit more for a perfect place to work. It's in the centre, has free parking, many events etc.


                    "My review of Mobispace"

                      November 2019

                      Mobispace feels like home - you are surrounded by great people and feel very welcomed and comfortable. The amenities are great! Kitchen area to have some sandwiches and good coffee, where also occasionally some events happen, not to mention the balcony to have lunch and sunbath on your break. Even though there is a lot of socializing, you can also work in peace and quiet.

                      Neeme Praks

                      "My review of Mobispace"

                        November 2019

                        Ideal for us (as a geographically distributed team) as Mobispace has excellent facilities: plenty of meeting rooms with teleconferencing equipment (large TVs, high-quality webcams, Jabra speaker+mic), booths for making phone calls (or video conference), high-speed wifi, kitchen, terrace, sauna, office manager and so on. For extra fee, you also have easy access to accounting/HR/legal services (cxo.ee).

                        Olev Abel

                        "My review of Mobispace"

                          November 2019

                          Super nice working environment, fridge loaded with food, coffee, snacks, beautiful terrace - you name it, they have it!

                          Taavi Rebane

                          "My review of Mobispace"

                            November 2019

                            Very cozy office with free sandwiches and ice cream. People are super friendly and there are lots of events, too.


                            "My review of Mobispace"

                              November 2019

                              Amazing people, very nice structure and awesome kitchen.

                              Riana Randoja
                              • 1 Review
                              • 1 Helpful Vote

                              "Always a pleasure to arrive at work :) "

                                November 2019

                                The atmosphere is very welcoming and friendly. Good looking office with modern interior, comfy sofas and relax area for a little chill out time. Free coffee and tasty breakfast options :) what else do you need?

                                1 Thank Riana

                                Marko Sulamägi
                                • 2 Reviews
                                • 4 Helpful Votes

                                "Great place to work in Tartu!"

                                  August 2019

                                  Mobispace clearly stands out with its cozy atmosphere. Ergonomic workstation, kitchen with tasty breakfast stuff, good coffee, location is near the city center and people are super friendly. Also not to leave out that the coworking manager is just the loveliest person. :)

                                  2 Thank Marko

                                  Ljubov Bezan
                                  • 1 Review
                                  • 1 Helpful Vote

                                  "Productive and friendly environment, pleasure to be there."

                                    July 2019

                                    We spent a cool and productive day in Tartu. Thanks, Mobispace! People around are very friendly and helpful. Internet is fast indeed. All the office equipment is nice and new. If next time we need a space to work while in Tartu, then with no doubts we come again.

                                    1 Thank Ljubov

                                    Raido Valgeväli
                                    • 1 Review
                                    • 2 Helpful Votes

                                    "Rare Find"

                                      July 2019

                                      I have been working in quite a few hubs in Tartu and other cities. Mobispace is beyond comparison. It's my maybe-skewed personal opinion. Anyway, the number one thing I like is their shoes-off policy!

                                      2 Thank Raido

                                      Oliver Pruel
                                      • 1 Review
                                      • 1 Helpful Vote

                                      "Best hub in Tartu"

                                        May 2019

                                        Great floor plan (separated open rooms - it means you can talk with your team), friendly and helpful community full of specialists are the keys why the Mobispace is the best hub in Tartu. It feels like second home where you can focus on work and relax when you need some pause.

                                        1 Thank Oliver

                                        Harri Kirik
                                        • 1 Review
                                        • 1 Helpful Vote

                                        "Perfect place for a productive day"

                                          April 2019

                                          Having worked at Mobispace since its creation, I really love the friendly vibe and the coziness of the office. Perfect for both concentrating on the task at hand during the day, and organizing cool community meetups in the evenings. Extra points for the awesome and always helpful office manager! :)

                                          1 Thank Harri

                                          Kristjan Lusikas
                                          • 1 Review
                                          • 1 Helpful Vote

                                          "Coworking oasis in Tartu"

                                            April 2019

                                            Our team has grown up with Mobispace from its start - it has been a great way to work either individually or in teams. Not to mention their lovely office manager, who's always available. The facilities are well maintained, modern and comfortable. Among with standard amenities like kitchen corner and fast wifi, you will probably love all the team members, with whom you can share your thoughts and experiences. They often host/organize great events. I really recommend it!

                                            1 Thank Kristjan

                                            Piret Saag
                                            • 1 Review
                                            • 1 Helpful Vote

                                            "Crème de la Crème of Tartu coworking spaces"

                                              April 2019

                                              Mobispace is my second home in Tartu. Work stuff definitely flies better here than at real home :) I need people around me - check. Preferably smart and cheerful - check. I feel productive in clean, well-equipped and well-lit spaces with thoughtful hygge design touch - check. I need to move around a lot (in Tartu and to-from Tallinn), office spot in Tartu couldn't be better for this logistics mambo jambo - check. And let's come back to those people. Lovely bunch from different companies who are there to help each other out with a question or two. They are also there for you when you feel like ditching work and having a little spontaneous bbq quality time on that cool terrace.

                                              1 Thank Piret

                                              Mari L
                                              • 1 Review
                                              • 1 Helpful Vote

                                              "Office space with good vibes"

                                                April 2019

                                                Mobispace has a great atmosphere. The building is filled with a bunch of fun and intelligent people and it has every amenity you'd need to get your things done. If you're interested in becoming part of the Mobispace community but are not yet fully sure, I recommend you attend some of the public events they occasionally host - after that, I'm sure you'll understand the great vibe that they have and all doubts will be gone :)

                                                1 Thank Mari

                                                Jaak R
                                                • 1 Review
                                                • 1 Helpful Vote

                                                "Everything you need"

                                                  April 2019

                                                  Your free* desk comes with unlimited coffee, plenty of events and friendly people to discuss your wacky ideas with. What more do you wish? * members only, terms and conditions apply

                                                  1 Thank Jaak

                                                  Fred Puistaja
                                                  • 1 Review
                                                  • 1 Helpful Vote

                                                  "Excellent for productive work"

                                                    April 2019

                                                    It has everything that you need for productive work environment. Good Wifi, meeting rooms, great location, nice atmosphere, sauna, shared kitchen. On top of it all you have a very cheerful office fairy who makes sure everyone is happy :)

                                                    1 Thank Fred

                                                    Jaanus Rõõmus
                                                    • 1 Review
                                                    • 1 Helpful Vote

                                                    "Attention to details is what it makes Mobispace really shine"

                                                      April 2019

                                                      Our team has been working in Mobispace from day 1 and we could not be more happy. General atmosphere is warm and welcoming, location is great and you can really feel that you are cared for - it is not just another office, it is a lot more. Carpets on the floor, lots of plants and friendly co-workers makes Mobispace the best co-working space in Tartu.

                                                      1 Thank Jaanus

                                                      Veiko Raime
                                                      • 1 Review
                                                      • 1 Helpful Vote

                                                      "Second home for our team"

                                                        April 2019

                                                        Our team is happy. The amount of effort Mobispace has put extra into the service is incredible. The place is small, but probably the cosiest and most personal one can imagine.

                                                        1 Thank Veiko

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