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About Zagazig

The city of Zagazig may not be awash in coworking venues, but the city does have one of the largest universities in Egypt, as well as colleges in different fields of science and the arts. A relatively new phenomenon to hit the town, coworking is offering the locals an alternative to working at home alone or in a cafe. Sitting in the eastern part of the Nile delta, Zagazig has a population of about 1.5 million and is 47 miles by rail north-northeast of Cairo. It is the hub of the cotton and grain (think corn) trade of Egypt with large cotton factories dotted around.

Egypt is experiencing an entrepreneurial happening, albeit on the slow side. There is a mass of young educated and enlightened graduates beginning to turn out an array of startups. When you consider that in 2011, no one had heard of Angel List, it is now seeing international speakers helping inject expert knowledge into the ecosystem. Coworking as an alternative way of working is only just beginning to come into its own.

The city is divided into 2 major sections with Hay Awal (the First Neighborhood) and Hay Thany (the Second Neighborhood), as well as many other districts. If you get tired of tapping on a keyboard in a coworking venue you can always venture out for an espresso and a bit of people watching in one of its famous squares, meander the streets for some fresh air or gawk at one of the historical sites with Pharaonic and Greco Roman ruins. The Grand Mosque of Zagazig is a focal point, as it was constructed by Mohamed Ali and is one of the most remarkable Islamic monuments in the Nile Delta.