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Ahmed Amged


Giza, Egypt

" Awesome Co-working Space and a Great Community "

Awesome Co-working Space and a Great Community من افضل مساحات العمل المشتركة اللي اشتغلت فيها, اهتمام بكل التفاصيل من القائمين على المكان, عشان يوفروا الراحة والهدوء وبيئة العمل المناسبة لكل شخص. ومهما كان المكان زحمة هتلاقي هدوء, وهتعرف تخلص شغلك وتنجز. بالنسبة للموقع جنب محطة مترو البحوث وسهل انك توصله من اي مكان والانترنت سريع وهينجزلك شغلك والناس اللي حواليك كلهم بلا استثناء بيساعدوك لو في اي مشكلة واجهتك. بالنسبة للامكانيات كل شئ متوفر والمكان على مستوى عالي للافراد والشركات والايفنتات الصغيرة والكبيرة. مع ان الفترة اللي قضيتها في كورسيدا قصيرة لحد دلوقتي, لكن روح المكان واجتهاد الناس اللي بيشتغلوا عليه بيخليك عاوز تكمل فيه على طول

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Mystery Coworker

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"It's a really quit work space to finish your work easily" 

December 2018

It is a quit place to finish your work easily , WiFi is good , it is a Positive energy in the place ,it is really the right place for any one and there are a good team to see what the members need (improvement , internet connection , a place to pray , nice and comfortable tables and chairs , baskets everywhere to keep the place Clean , someone to support a technician to solve Internet problems , the place is open all day from 9 am to 11 pm and that is enough time to exploit it in order to finish your work .

Tony Helmy

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"You won't find people that care about your comfort as Coursida does!" 

December 2018

Every place has problems but seeking with an enthusiastic spirit for solving them in no time with high efficiency that's you can only find in Coursida! Coursida is the best place to study, word or even spending some time. They have an amazing view that will fill your soul and life with the beautiful sun. The place is very clean, organized and beautiful. The people are extremely friendly and willing to help you. They are really working hard to get the best place between co-working spaces. I love the place and I wish them more success from all my heart.

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