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Historically, one Paterson local named Samuel Colt claimed to be the "man that won the West". In 1836 he built his state-of-the-art factory to manufacture his famous revolvers, but his success was short-lived despite selling thousands of weapons, as it went bust in 1842. From guns to spoons, the Lambert Castle Museum in Paterson houses the world's largest collection of over 5400 spoons, for those that may have a fetish about this fabulous eating instrument.

Known as the "Silk City" for its silk production during the late 19th Century, Paterson sits in the county of Passaic in New Jersey. It has the second largest Muslim population in the United States and was founded in 1791. A melting pot of cultures, the diversity of its locals is reflected in its neighborhoods and restaurants. You should take a walk around Little Italy in the Great Falls Historic District where you will find streets lined with outdoor cafes, delis and restaurants. The bustling area of Little Lima is in Market Street and where you will stumble across many Peruvian restaurants, bakeries and delis. South Paterson is overflowing with Arabs, Turks and Persians with halal meat markets selling goat and lamb, whilst many signs are in Arabic script. To complete the international crowd, Eastern Market Street is full of bodegas and barbershops for the Puerto Rican and Dominican clans.

You should check out the Great Falls Historic District where old factories have been converted into swish apartments and boutique shops stand side-by-side with cafes and restaurants. For the mechanic maniac there is the Paterson Museum that shows off Paterson's "Golden Industrial Age", or you can go for a walk around the second highest waterfall in North America.

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