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Hawaii conjures up all sorts of dramatic images from rugged cliffs and waterfalls to beaches flecked with red, black and gold sands. Haiku-Pauwela sits in Maui County on a volcanic archipelago floating in the Central Pacific. Hawaii has the largest Asian American population in the United States. You will probably be able to get to know all of the locals, as there are only 6,578 people meandering around its streets or heading to a newly opened coworking space to get some work done before hitting the waves pounding on its shores.

Hawaii is where you can hold innovative meetings sitting under an umbrella on the beach or languidly sip your espresso in an outdoor cafe before doing some work, it's being seen as a "startup paradise" in the Asia Pacific region. Tourism is the main industry, but there are plenty of hyped up startup founders who are lingering around the streets in a pair of board shorts or bikinis. Being touted as the "Startup Beachside" destination, the locals refer to the U.S. as the "mainland". As everything has to be imported, it's not a cheap destination and it's actually one of the most expensive places in the world to live. The "mainland" is home to Silicon Valley and does offer much more in the way of resources for startups, but to many Hawaii is where the locals feel that they can give back to their home by staying on their own turf.

Hawaii's ecosystem may be small, but it is distinctive with its own unique problems that its out-of-the-box locals are intent on solving. Coworking venues have become the space to head to for support, motivation and where you can get some work done before hitting the shore breaks.

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