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Cheeky and brash, Soho or the pleasure district of London, gained its infamous reputation in 1719 when The Hellfire Club was set up.  The gossip had it that this was the place to go to enjoy "immoral acts". Bribes to the police to keep the establishments open were paid willingly as they were such big business in the early 1970s, but the honey pot disappeared in a scandal of corruption in the mid 1970s.  By 1981 there were still approximately 184 sex venues where no doubt immoral acts continued. 

The Marquee Club is touted as being the venue that launched pop and British rock music in Europe, who can doubt it when the Rolling Stones had their very first concert there in 1962, followed by amongst others David Bowie, Cream and Led Zeppelin.  The Marque moved from Oxford Street to Wardour Street in 1964 and with it came the punk and new wave music of bands such as Clash, the Pretenders the Police, the Sex Pistols and the list goes on.  To this day, Soho has a thumping nightlife scene.

Soho is only about one square mile so it is a breeze to walk around.  Sitting in the vibrant heart of the West End district of London, it is bordered by Oxford Street, Regent Street, Leicester Square and Charing Cross Road.  Fun loving Soho is anything you want it to be:  shop until you can't carry any more bags of goodies or your credit card crashes in Berwick or Carnaby Streets, see a live show at one of Soho's theaters such as the Gielgud or the Prince Edward, or a burlesque one if it appeals.  You can buzz into one of the many cafes or strut into one of the cool bars for a cocktail or two. 

Risqué Soho is definitely one area that will not leave you bored.

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