Desks at Abington Avenue

  • 34-36 Abington Avenue engine, Northampton NN1 4NY, UK

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Drew Sheridan-Wheeler


Northampton, United Kingdom

" One of the best things to happen to Northampton. "

Incredible creative space, people and a place to bring the community back together. It's exactly what we need in towns in England. A place to create, make, design and to round people into a better environment - where you can connect and communicate, develop and grow yourself and business. I really recommend anyone, individual or company of individuals, to invest in your own personal wealth and careers profit. You'll find yourself surrounded by people that can help you, your business in a casual, super productive atmosphere that you will not regret. I can't big them up enough, a massive well done and thank you to the Engine team and everyone that has made it possible.

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Great for everyone and anything.

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Kirsty Vieyra

1 Review

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"Agile working space " 

April 2018

Very inspirational space to bring your business and work - great location with flexible hours. I can come here and zone out for a few hours, or move around, bounce ideas off people and have a sense of community whilst in a professional working space. Now the place is expanding it gives me hope for my own business to progress and potentially fill more space with supplier meetings or collaborations I am working towards. They are also working on a private phone booth so perfect to hold private phone calls or conference calls without leaving the building. The place has natural daylight around one side of the building so you aren’t cooped up all day. Plus the pub is on the corner too!

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Matt Essom

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"Working at Engine." 

April 2018

Working at Engine has improved my productivity, whilst also exposing me to other creative individuals. I find that working freelance can sometimes be very difficult because of the distractions that can come with working from home, not to mention the lack of contact with the outside world. Engine ticks both of those boxes for me by providing a laid back environment filled with friendly hard working individuals. I would really recommend Engine for anyone who works for themselves. Fast Wi-Fi, free tea and coffee, a meeting room and workshop are a few of the other things that engine has to offer.

2 Thank Matt

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