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Kherson is the home ground for the muse of Ian Fleming's spy character, James Bond. Reputedly to be the inspiration, Salomon Rosenblum (aka Sidney Reilly) was an international playboy and adventurer, supposedly employed by the British Secret Intelligence Service.

Kherson sits in Crimea that has been annexed by the Russian Federation since 2014, so it is wise to take some precautionary measures if contemplating coming to this city. Sitting in the south of Ukraine, it is a port city on the Black Sea and home to major shipbuilding works. Founded in 1778 under the orders of Catherine the Great, the city was built on the site of a small fortress. During the years of World War II, the German army occupied the city. Amidst the riots in 2014 against President Yanukovich, angry protestors toppled the Lenin statue in the city.

The sights to see in Kherson are few, apart from the hordes of lonely single females who wish to marry foreigners via the Internet. The main sight is the Church of St Catherine that was built in the 1780s, designed by Ivan Starov, a Russian architect from St Petersburg. It contains the tomb of Prince Potemkin, a Russian military leader and a favorite of Catharine the Great. Quite often the history of a place can be found in its cemeteries, so if you think this way, then check out the Jewish Cemetery as Kherson as the town has quite a large Jewish community. There is the Kherson TV Tower to ogle, if you are desperate to find a sight to look at. It is a space framed Ukrainian truss communications tower standing 656 ft tall completely made of steel using a cross bracing system. The other unique structure in the city is the Adziogol Lighthouse, a hyperboloid structure (everyone knows what that is) built in 1911.

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