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Located in southern Sweden’s Kronoberg County, Vaxjo's city has about 66,275 inhabitants. It is the cultural, administrative and industrial heart of the county and the episcopal see of the Diocese of Vaxjo. Here you will find the Linnaeus University with its exuberant tech savvy youth and infinite lakes that is Sweden's greenest city. It is also known as the "Kingdom of Crystal" with its glassblowing heritage on display at the Swedish Glass Museum. Coworking venues have popped up around this small but interesting city to cater to its students, graduates and innovative locals.

You can meander around Kronoberg Castle that is a 15th Century fortress sitting on an island in Helgasjon Lake to put your feet back in time. Information boards will clue you in on the fact that it was captured and reduced to rubble 3 times, being rebuilt after every attack. This is where you can grab a meatball sandwich from the cafe overlooking the water and sit pondering the state of the world, as you munch. You can gawk at the Vaxjo Cathedral with its beautiful stained glass windows and check out the Smalands Museum's display of artifacts from the Stone Age and the Viking era. The Teleborg Water Tower is where you can hear your voice echoing on forever or take time to play on the zipline courses at Little Rock Lake. For those with clever hands there are glassblowing workshops or you can paddle in the water of one of the many lakes in the surrounding area.

Vaxjo's streets are overflowing with tech savvy youth and locals. Coworking here is no drama, as there are many spaces on offer where you can hang out in collaborative bliss and get your work done before you take some time off to blow yourself your own glass bowl.

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