The Living Room

Joined January 2017
Calle Martínez Campos 16, Entreplanta, Malaga, Spain
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We are an international crowd of easy-going freelancers, innovative start-ups and modern remote workers, who share, thrive and laugh together as one big coworking family.

For us, coworking is:

Sharing: We are open people and here to help each other. We don’t google for knowledge, we tap into our skill-charged coworking community.

Thriving: By not sitting alone on a desk at home, we learn from each other and grow, both as people and businesses.

Laughing: Social interactions keep us motivated. Although we all love what we do, doing it laughing makes it even more enjoyable.

Sharing, thriving and laughing together ... that's coworking!

Please keep in mind that our hotdesk subscription for 1 month is limited to 20 hours per week or 80 hours per month, you can use them up the way you like. For unlimited hours, do go for our permanent desk subscription.

24/7 member access

clock_icon_img Opening Hours

8:30 am - 6:30 pm

Yes we have meeting rooms! Message us for details

Classic Basics
  • High-Speed WiFi
  • Heating
  • Air Conditioning
  • Beanbags
  • Events
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Photocopier
Relax Zones
  • Lounge / Chill-out Area
  • Kitchen
  • Skype Room
Cool Stuff
  • Ping Pong Table
  • Free Beer
  • Dog-friendly
  • Cat-friendly
  • 24hr member access
  • Free Drinking Water
  • Alcohol available for purchase
Caffeine Fix
  • Free Coffee
  • Onsite Cafe
membership_icon_img Membership Fees
# People Duration Price Access Hours Availability
11 DayEUR 20.00 -Reserve
11 WeekEUR 90.00 -Enquire
11 MonthEUR 125.00 -Reserve
# People Duration Price Access Hours Availability
11 MonthEUR 165.00 -Enquire
# People Duration Price Access Hours Availability
The Living Room has not added details about their Private Office yet
Calle Martínez Campos 16, Entreplanta, Malaga, Spain

23 Reviews By the coworking community

4.9 out of 5

98%  of coworkers recommended

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Very Good
Guillaume Sarthoulet
  • 1 Review
  • 1 Helpful Vote

"Huge community"

    June 2018

    The coworking in itself is nothing but normal. Could have had more natural light, better furniture... But what is amazing in "The Living Room", it is its huge community : drinks, meetups, hikes... People from all over Europe, US and some from Spain too of course... it is a very international coworking space and definitly one the best community. A really nice place in nice Malaga ! I would definitly come back in the Living Room if I come back to Andalousia. PS : they have just opend a second space but I did not go there. could not tell if it is good or not.

    1 Thank Guillaume

    The Living Room responded to this review

    Thank you so much for this amazing review Guillaume and for making the community to what it is!

    Samantha Mykyte
    • 3 Reviews
    • 2 Helpful Votes

    "Not quite there, yet"

      April 2018

      The space has a lot of potential but to be honest, for the price, there's a lot more you can do with your money. Maybe it is better if you're there for a long time but they don't seem to care about people that aren't there for at least a month. I don't have a lot of experience with coworking so maybe it is normal, but in my other experiences the places were a lot warmer and had more community. The two cofounders were extremely nice and welcoming, but the space itself could offer more - especially for the steep price.

      1 Thank Samantha

      The Living Room responded to this review

      Thank you so much for this amazing review Guillaume and for making the community to what it is!

      Danny Forest
      • 2 Reviews
      • 8 Helpful Votes

      "Great community, check! Great location, check! Great wifi, check! Great amenities, check! Check! Check! Check!"

        April 2018

        There are so many great things to say about this place, but I'll try to keep it short and to the point. It’s one of the best co-working spaces I’ve been to, if not the best. And I’ve been to many. A great co-working space has great people and this one definitely fits the bill. The managers of the space really care about their people and it shows. So in short: Great community, check! Great location, check! Great wifi, check! Great amenities, check! Check! Check! Check! Get it? You just have to go there. ASAP. You’ll thank me later. I can't wait to go back myself!

        1 Thank Danny

        Clariska van Delft
        • 1 Review
        • 1 Helpful Vote

        "Best coworking space in Málaga"

          March 2018

          The Living Room is not just a coworking space, it's a community. I love working there every day. The atmosphere is great and the people are amazing. If you're looking for a productive and fun environment, this is the place for you. Also, it's great to have so many people with different jobs, interests and backgrounds together in a small space to exchange ideas, but also participate in millions of activities in the evenings (and nights) or at weekends. It's definitely more than just a place to work or be productive. It's the best coworking space in Málaga without a doubt!

          1 Thank Clariska

          Michael Anillo Von Madring
          • 1 Review
          • 1 Helpful Vote

          "More than a coworking , a community"

            March 2018

            This coworking is right in heart of Málaga, in the modern and cosmopolitan "Soho" neighborhood and just 5 minutes walking to the seashore. You would find great atmosphere for work and a lot's of activities to enjoy your spare time during your work time . Also, there is places to rest or take a Spanish siesta if needed :D If you want to work outside the "typical office" and enjoy flexibility, great environment, good people, nice place, technology and much more, this is your place! Do not hesitate to talk with Ben and get on board in an amazing community of coworkers.

            1 Thank Michael Anillo

            Przemysław Spodymek
            • 2 Reviews
            • 7 Helpful Votes

            "3 Months in TLR"

              March 2018

              During our Eurotrip we spent 3 months in Malaga. We picked TLR as the most promising coworking space in the city and oh boy... we were right! TLR is all about community. Ben, Carlos, Gema and Lizzie are doing great job at creating place where people can meet, share their ideas, inspire each other and have fun (which is part of the contract btw :) ). There are lots of events you can attend, learn new things and connect with great people. One thing is sure - you will not get bored there! Within a few days from arriving at Malaga we felt comfortably there. Ben and the team were super helpful with everything we needed, not only strictly work-related issues. We hope to return there some day!

              1 Thank Przemysław

              Marco Martino
              • 1 Review
              • 1 Helpful Vote

              "An international family."

                March 2018

                The Living Room Coworking in Málaga is simply a big coworking family with people from all around the world, where you can feel like at home and be really productive. The community is just amazing, they are really warm and friendly, you’ll find any kind of skill and everybody are always open to help and collaborate. A lot of events, such for example meetups, open-air activity and social event, are often planed. A nice living room for parties and relax is always available, with a ping pong table and a punch bag! It feels great to be part of this community.

                1 Thank Marco

                gabriela krizovska
                • 1 Review
                • 1 Helpful Vote

                "I took a training event in the Livingroom and it was nicely spent time in a great location with the best access to wifi and ame ities offered at the spot"

                  March 2018

                  The provider of the place was kind to me and he was willing to help me organize meeting for my event in 2018. Tha place is accessible from the very place around the city. The employed people were nice and helpful. They showed us around the place and help us find the best way to the places we wanted to visit. They help us with copying materials and installing the connection of our computers. We had all supplies to our hands and they were brought upon any demands we made. On the whole I can say that we spent there a pleasant tme.

                  1 Thank Gabriela

                  Pascal Naef
                  • 1 Review
                  • 1 Helpful Vote

                  "Co-Working in the heart of Malaga"

                    February 2018

                    The Living Room is located in the heart of Malaga. Easy to reach and offers a cheap parking if you arrive by car. The owners receive you with a smile and are happy to show you the place on your first appearance. In the monthly meeting of all members the owner listen to the comment and suggestion of each to improve the stay and processes of the space. With this The Living Room improves his high level step by step further. The members are kind and very active. How wants can join several activities in sports or drinking. In the space itself a table tennis table gives some change it the working day. All in all The Living Room is a good place to live and work. So find friends which make your stay in Malaga a experience for live.

                    1 Thank Pascal

                    Yannick Herzog
                    • 1 Review
                    • 1 Helpful Vote

                    "Great place to work from"

                      February 2018

                      The living room is a great co-working place to get work done because all other people around you are full of energy and extremly motivated. You will be infected at the first second. If you are new to the living room it is very easy to get in touch with other co-workers to share experience and important notes. The Founders are very friendly and helpful and take care that each co-worker feel comfortable. Just come in or send a message and you can start working at the same or the other day. At my next stay in Málaga I will work each day at the living room.

                      1 Thank Yannick

                      Ellany Lea
                      • 1 Review
                      • 1 Helpful Vote

                      "Super warm family, lots of laughs at lunch time and amazing activities all over Andalusía"

                        February 2018

                        The Living Room is a family. It's not just a desk and some wifi, but a hilarious group of fun-loving entrepreneurs and professionals, who enjoy food (international food night, eating out, and more!), organizing trips (surfing, tours, paddle boarding, and more!) and sharing stories/treats/laughs with each other. It's felt like a real community, especially while traveling, to be connected via Whataspp, to celebrate birthdays together, and be part of subgroups (foodies, surfing, fitness, and more!). E-mail or call to make sure that TLR knows you're coming and they will do their best to offer you a package or hot-desk that best suits your needs. The wifi is fast, there are phone booths to take calls in and a small conference room that can be booked. There's no need to look anywhere else, if you're in need of a co-working space in Málaga!

                        1 Thank Ellany

                        Duncan Thomson
                        • 1 Review
                        • 1 Helpful Vote

                        "A vibrant community and easy place to work"

                          February 2018

                          I decided to spend my winter in Malaga instead of rainy England and joined the Living Room on a part-time basis. The desks are a good size, the facilities are plentiful (kitchen, homemade cakes, ping pong, meeting room, phone booths, standing desks), the social scene is supported (whatsapp groups, monthly meetup and talk, member profiles on the walls) and the people are friendly, interesting and multi-national. I've been more than happy here and they are always looking for any feedback to keep improving things! If I return to Malaga then I'm sure I will be back for more time at the Living Room.

                          1 Thank Duncan

                          Michal C
                          • 1 Review
                          • 1 Helpful Vote

                          "Nice coworking in Malaga"

                            February 2018

                            I was working in ' Living Room ' office for two weeks during my trip to Malaga in january. Really nice place and nice people, close to the city center. This coworking is real international space - people from all over the world with different skills. There are three small telephone booth for short skype meetings + one meeting room. There are all the things I need for working - besides working facilities and good wifi connection , there is small kitchen equipped and also recreation zone with table tennis. I really enjoyed working for two weeks here and having good weather! Lot of bars , shops nearby.

                            1 Thank Michal

                            Bartek Kobylecki
                            • 1 Review
                            • 1 Helpful Vote

                            "Superb co-working office"

                              October 2017

                              I've been to 4 co-working spaces in Spain. The Living Room does it in the best way! Great atmosphere, nice people, cafes and convenient stores just minutes away. Did I mention fast internet connection, coffee equipment for 3 different brewing methods and ping pong table? I highly recommend this place to any digital nomad looking for great co-working spot!

                              1 Thank Bartek

                              Matt Kowalak
                              • 1 Review
                              • 2 Helpful Votes

                              "Awesome office, great location, amazing value and the coolest people!"

                                September 2017

                                I almost don't want to leave a review because now more people will flock to this gem of a co-working space! The people are the best part of this office, the space is great, location is awesome and it was just a great experience overall. We stayed for a month and I can't wait to get back and work full time from here

                                2 Thank Matt

                                María Godoy
                                • 1 Review
                                • 1 Helpful Vote

                                "An amazing week!"

                                  August 2017

                                  I work from another coworking that closed on feria de Málaga so I decided to spend a week in TLR. I couldn't be happier with my decision. The Living Room is a roomy, welcoming and also fun space! Ben and Carlos made sure I got everything I needed from the moment I step in and people working there were also really nice during my stay. For me, it meant to turn a boring week working from home into a productive week meeting lots of interesting people. Thanks a lot, TRL team!

                                  1 Thank María

                                  Catalina Alvarez
                                  • 1 Review
                                  • 1 Helpful Vote

                                  "A spacious, bright office right downtown with cool people"

                                    May 2017

                                    I've been coming to work to The Living Room for almost a month now and it's been the best coworking experience I ever had. I'm more productive, seeing everyone working around me makes me want to work more and not procrastinate like I would at home. Plus, the people here are cool and international, from +11 nationalities. I would say I feel at home here, but it's way better than working from home :)

                                    1 Thank Catalina

                                    Anna Mandel
                                    • 1 Review
                                    • 1 Helpful Vote


                                      May 2017

                                      Great place and friendly people!

                                      1 Thank Anna

                                      Matt Kaluzny
                                      • 1 Review
                                      • 4 Helpful Votes

                                      "Excellent working space with great people"

                                        May 2017

                                        Best coworking space in Malaga and I checked many. I recommend this place especially for people who doesn't want to talk only in Spanish all the time. The Living Room is filled with many international and positive people from all around the globe. Every second Friday is lecture time with beer after it and getting to know eachother. Every single day at 14:00 everyone get up and go to Lunch Area to eat and talk together. First day you can try this space for free and you will know already that you don't want another place.

                                        4 Thank Matt

                                        Victor Garrido Leiro
                                        • 1 Review
                                        • 1 Helpful Vote

                                        "Great atmosphere and very professional"

                                          February 2017

                                          The Living Room is located in a trendy 'hood, a former Malaga's red light district trying to be reconverted in the new Soho! TLR has very nice facilities, fast internet and very international members

                                          1 Thank Victor

                                          The Living Room responded to this review

                                          Thanks Victor ... trying hard to switch off the red light and make the yellow one shine! ;-)

                                          Mari Carmen Ampiée
                                          • 1 Review
                                          • 1 Helpful Vote

                                          "An inspiring place to work. A magical combination of work, friends and colleagues."

                                            January 2017

                                            I was working from home and when I decided to join TLR it really made a difference. It is really inspiring to work with people from diffent cultures and professions all very comminted with their future and to make "win win" collaborations. Ben works hard to make everybody feel like at home. "Sharing, thriving and laughing" they say, and it is definitely right.

                                            1 Thank Mari Carmen

                                            Paul Greene
                                            • 1 Review
                                            • 2 Helpful Votes

                                            "An excellent working and socializing experience."

                                              January 2017

                                              An awesome environment to work and make friends ! As others have said, TLR really is like a big family :-) It´s the kind of workplace where you really don´t want to go home !

                                              2 Thank Paul

                                              Mystery Coworker

                                              "TLR is simple a big family where you can find everything you need."

                                                January 2017

                                                I love the community and the spirit of TLR. They let me feel like at home from the beginning. The melting pot is amazing and really stimulating.

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