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One of the top 3 happiest cities in Russia, Tyumen is an oil rich area on the border of Kazakhstan. It was the first Russian settlement to be founded (1586) in Siberia. This youthful, business orientated city capital stretches from Yamal and Gydansk Peninsula. It probably will not enthrall you enough for a long stay, but for a glancing hit, you will find enough to do. Located on the Tura River, it is 2,500km from Moscow and is an important industrial and economic center east of the Ural Mountains. It sits on several trade routes and has navigable waterways that have turned what was a small military settlement into a thriving commercial city. It is home to many of Russia's oil and gas companies and has a higher GDP per capita than even Moscow.

This is the city that saved the famous Hermitage Museums' artifacts in Leningrad. In the winter of 1944 mice and rats inundated the museum. The Tyumen police came to the rescue by collecting every stray cat in the city and sending them to Leningrad for rodent patrol. This is why there are 12 gold-plated cast-iron cat sculptures donated by the Hermitage Museum sitting in the Square of Siberian Cats in Tyumen. Another quirky fact about Tyumen that only recently came to light is that the body of Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin was secretly evacuated from Moscow to Tyumen, where it lay for almost 4 years. You can now see the tallest bronze statue of Lenin in the whole of Russia in Tyumen.

If you take a meander around the center of the old city there are quite a few historical buildings to gawk at and many monuments to ponder over, such as the one to the "Homeless Dog" and the "Street Cleaner". There are enough religious buildings for those seeking redemption under whatever guise they wish to, from temples to synagogues. For those into museums, you can feast your eyes on numerous displays at the Fine Arts Museum or the City Council Local History Museum. Make sure you take a walk along the beautiful banks of the Tura River and stroll over the Bridge of Lovers even if you are alone.

There are numerous parks to chill out in whilst you wait to get out of town.
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