Espaço 3D

Joined February 2017
Rua Braamcamp 84, 3rd floor, Lisbon, Portugal
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The #Cowork in the Center of Lisbon | We provide offices, meeting rooms and virtuals | Shared space to fuel your creativity & community.

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8:30 am - 5:00 pm
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Classic Basics
  • High-Speed WiFi
  • Heating
  • Air Conditioning
  • Ergonomic Chairs
  • Events
  • Workshops
  • Community Lunches
  • Community Drinks
  • Facebook Group for Members
  • Mentorship Programs
  • Incubator programs
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Photocopier
  • Projector
Relax Zones
  • Outdoor Terrace
  • Lounge / Chill-out Area
  • Yoga Studio
  • Kitchen
  • Skype Room
  • Personal Lockers
  • Showers
  • Event Space For Rent
Cool Stuff
  • Free Beer
  • Dog-friendly
  • Cat-friendly
  • Gym
  • Bike Parking
  • 5 Minute Walk From Public Transit
  • Wheelchair Accessibility
  • 24hr member access
  • Free Drinking Water
Caffeine Fix
  • Free Tea
  • Free Coffee
  • Onsite Cafe
Rua Braamcamp 84, 3rd floor, Lisbon, Portugal

23 Reviews By the coworking community

4.6 out of 5

91%  of coworkers recommended

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Very Good
Daniel Vincent
  • 7 Reviews
  • 3 Helpful Votes

"Cold and sterile"

    January 2019

    I visited for a free trial with the intention of joining. On arrival I was unceremoniously dumped in a freezing backroom alongside the smoking area. I wasn't introduced to anyone or shown the main work space (i assume there was one?). By chance, the owner passed through and offered to show me around. Hours passed. Someone eventually offered me an electric heater. The internet went down. By lunch, I'd seen enough so left the building to stand in the sun in an attempt to thaw the ice from my bones. As I left, the owner apologised profusely and offered me a free week. As I didn't think I'd survive a week alone in a freezing, uninspiring waiting room, I politely declined. My experience must have been isolated as I was informed they are close to fully booked. That said, I barely saw another soul and didn't since any vibe or atmosphere. Good luck to them! I don't recommend and won't return.

    2 Thank Daniel

    Briana Green
    • 2 Reviews
    • 1 Helpful Vote

    "Very welcoming staff"

      May 2018

      Very welcoming and helpful staff, with fast internet connection and plenty of comfortable indoor working space and several balconies with tables and chairs as well, which are great for working if it's nice outside. There was also a room with couches for a more casual/social environment, in addition to the rooms with more of an office setup. Was very pleased with our experience here and the facilities offered. Easy to access from anywhere in Lisbon by using the Metro station. Would definitely come back again... I recommend this place for a productive, comfortable and convenient place for coworking while in Lisbon.

      1 Thank Briana

      Espaço 3D responded to this review

      Thank you Briana for your wonderful feedback. We were delighted for having you over. Please say hi when you are back in Lisbon. We would love to have you around again.

      Dakini Alexandra Isenegger
      • 1 Review
      • 5 Helpful Votes

      "Amazing space"

        March 2018

        I've been running a business for 3 years and we have offices in the UK and Portugal. This is the best co-working/office space I've worked at. The space is beautiful and community is just awesome! The office benefits from a central location and plenty of light which makes it so pleasant to work in! On top of that, the events such as meditation and yoga which are organised by the Catarina and Carla are wonderful. They truly care about their space and their people and it translates. We'll be spending much more time here and really recommend this space without any hesitation!

        5 Thank Dakini Alexandra

        Espaço 3D responded to this review

        Hey there Dakini, and thank you for your wonderful feedback. It's easy caring for a community that has such lovely eople around. We are very fortunate to share these incredible times with you and your startup!

        Carlos Sezoes
        • 1 Review
        • 3 Helpful Votes

        "A creative place for creative people"

          February 2018

          Espaço 3D is a unique place. Located in central Lisbon, in a charming old-style building, easy to access, we find there lightsome and friendly co-work spaces, with a dynamic and entrepreneurial atmosphere. Different business models, from different professionals enable a very intense knowledge sharing, that can drive innovation. The cooperation between the co-workers is also a characteristic of this space. In addition, we can highlight the many out-of-box events, regularly developed for the community, in the most different areas, from cuisine to management, from leadership to work life balance. In sum, a creative place for creative people.I strongly recommend it.

          3 Thank Carlos

          Espaço 3D responded to this review

          Hello Carlos. It's always a pleasure having you over, specially cause we benefit immensely from your know-how and your very driven feedback. Thank you so much for being part of this community.

          Andre Butler
          • 1 Review
          • 2 Helpful Votes

          "Amazing place!"

            February 2018

            Every product or service is a human relationship in itself and at Espaço 3D, you´ll find that that is fundamentally truth. With very professional and friendly people, a step into Espaço 3D allowed me not only to get my bearings right as I got all the much needed support and guidance. A unique rich environment, where people and businesses can and will flourish! Extremely clean and versatile place, with all the necessary facilities and activities that make you thrive. i definitely recommed these space, both for start-ups and/or already stabilished businesses. The network there is fantastic. And the people too. All in all, I give it 5 stars, without any hesitation.

            2 Thank Andre

            Espaço 3D responded to this review

            Thank you André! We miss having you around with your always inspiring ideas. Please come by soon. :)

            William McSweeney
            • 1 Review
            • 3 Helpful Votes

            "The Best Co-Working Community and Space in Europe"

              February 2018

              I have worked at several co-working spaces in Europe, and can say with absolute certainty that Espaço 3D is the best. The strength of any co-working home is rooted in the members which make up its diverse architectural heart. The space itself is open, light and perfectly positioned in Lisboa. The Espaço 3D community have helped me settle into Lisboa, improve my Portuguese and also provided a place to incubate my ideas. There is a strong belief in Espaço 3D that we are all more knowledgable and successful when we use each others skill sets. Both co-working space owners facilitate this exchange and provide numerous activities for connections between members to develop inside and outside of Espaço's walls.

              3 Thank William

              Espaço 3D responded to this review

              Hey there William, we miss your cheerful presence already. We feel very fortunate for having such wonderful people around. What could be just a business is actually a dream and a pleasure everyday. And we are the ones who thank you and all the members of this community for the immense gifts we get everyday!

              Miguel Valadas
              • 1 Review
              • 3 Helpful Votes

              "Great atmosphere"

                February 2018

                I have visited Espaço 3D multiple times now and I highly recommend it. Its young and entrepreneurial atmosphere, aligned with Lisbon’s innovative spirit, is key for someone who thrives for success. Located in the heart of the city, Espaço 3D easily becomes the place to go for those who dream about change. I have met lots of different people there and I’m very grateful for the ideas I was able to discuss. The whole place is very resourceful and definitely stays up to today’s standards in regards to technology, comfort and people. There is always someone ready to help you in case you need it.

                3 Thank Miguel

                Espaço 3D responded to this review

                Hi Moguel, thank you for taking the time and giving us your feedback. We appreciate it a lot. Please come by and visist us some time. We are still owing you a coffee :)

                Ana Catarina Pardal
                • 1 Review
                • 2 Helpful Votes

                "O melhor espaço! "

                  February 2018

                  O espaço 3D é um local fantástico cheio de pessoas fantásticas! Um local grande e muito luminoso ! Onde é possível descansar trabalhar num ambiente muito informal numa bela comunidade onde todos se ajudam e se preocupam com o próximo! Onde existe também meditação reiki e uma quantidade de workshops disponíveis ! Sempre com o intuito de inovar e aprender! As meninas que são donas deste espaço são muito preocupadas e gostam de saber que todo o espaço é seus residentes que estão bem que estão a evoluir e assim a felicidade aumenta numa comunidade unida e que gosta muito da casa onde está onde trabalha e onde fica ! É um espaço único sem dúvida a experimentar que certamente não irão querer sair ! O espaço 3D é muito inovador e convidativo ! Nada como beber um belo chá quente na varanda numa manhã de 2a feira :) O espaço 3D é o melhor! :)

                  2 Thank Ana Catarina

                  Espaço 3D responded to this review

                  Hi Catarina, it's so lovely reading your kind words! Please keep being that awesome sweet person you are. We really enjoy having you over everyday! ANd ah, thanks for your awesome feedback!

                  Susana Passos Sousa
                  • 1 Review
                  • 3 Helpful Votes


                    February 2018

                    The building is well located and charming. The offices are spacious, all have windows and good light. It's good to see how management solves problems when they arise. It has a good kitchen with space to eat and mingle while you enjoy the view of the back garden. The lounge area is perfect to recharge and exchange ideas. Overall it's a good vibe. Great events organised by the team or residents. It's good to see the evolution of your workplace in such a positive way. I advise you to, at least, visit and attend one of the various workshops they organise. It truly is a place to be discovered and a secret to be shared.

                    3 Thank Susana

                    Espaço 3D responded to this review

                    Hi Susana, thank you for your kind feeback. You know what it is no secret? That we ove having you around! Please come by anytime you want. Mi casa es su casa! :D

                    Carla Barroso
                    • 1 Review
                    • 2 Helpful Votes

                    "Best Cowork in Lisbon!!"

                      February 2018

                      3D is a great Cowork space in the center of Lisbon, very comfortable and quiet. Near to several bus stations and Metro, and has several good restaurants nearby. Relaxed, creative and it feels like I´m home, but better, because all the interesting events that usually happens here. There are relaxation areas including a balcony for the sunniest days which is irresistible in the afternoon with a hot tea or in the morning with a fresh coffee. I also love working in the lounge, ou just relax in a meditation session. This is a great place to work, relax and create new connections with interesting people.

                      2 Thank Carla

                      Espaço 3D responded to this review

                      Hi Carla, Thank you for you kind feedback! The office is not the same when you are not around! We are anxious for your workshop and your always creative talks. Love, 3D :)

                      André Borges
                      • 1 Review
                      • 2 Helpful Votes

                      "Great Vibe"

                        February 2018

                        Its a great environment to work, in a relaxed but productive space right in the center of Lisbon! It's spacious and there's a lot of great people from all sorts of business's to talk to. The space is well managed and it has a balcony that is priceless in the summer for a sweet 10 minutes break. If in need of a space to work do go check it out for the vibe of the place, the welcoming people and the location that is near perfect. Thats all i have to say and that i would come back no questions asked.

                        2 Thank André

                        Espaço 3D responded to this review

                        Hi André, Thank you for being the kind spirited soul you are and giving us that awesome feedback. Please come and visit us soon. We still have a wall for you to paint that mural on :) Hugs, 3D

                        Rute Gomes
                        • 1 Review
                        • 2 Helpful Votes

                        "Great people, great location!"

                          February 2018

                          3D is a inspiring Space. Much more than a Space to work, there you can make networking with other fellows coworkers, in a excellent productive atmosphere. There are also great facilities like a kitchen with fridge, microwave, fresh fruit, fresh tea. In the varandas you can have meals, great chats and enjoy the relaxing view, right in the city centre. Once a week there are yoga sessions that help you relax to keep on going with your work. At last, but not the least, the best is the beautiful smiles and personalities from the managers, that are always there for you! :)

                          2 Thank Rute

                          Espaço 3D responded to this review

                          Oh boy! What to say to such kind words?! :) Beautiful personalities are the ones from our wonderful and loving community members, like you! :) We miss you so much. Please visit us more often. We miss our brainstorming sessions over tea by the end of the day :)

                          Bibiana Veronica
                          • 1 Review
                          • 3 Helpful Votes

                          "So cozy and joyful!"

                            February 2018

                            The best part of being at 3D is the environment. Everybody makes everything turn into joy and fun. Everything works great, they have fruits, coffee, tea, a great lounge and fluffy couches for us to chill out. Of course we work. And I, particularly, felt very comfortable in the space. Nice chairs, large desks, good internet access, polite “neighborhood”. The building is and old construction from the beginning of the past century, with a charming pantograph elevator (that has to have both doors close to move!). It’s old, but its modern decoration takes you back to our time and place, to develop, meetup, design or whatever you need.

                            3 Thank Bibiana

                            Espaço 3D responded to this review

                            Hi Bibiana, thanks for the amazing feedback. We need to organize and host another of your wonderful art showcases! We should be the ones thanking you for being such a lovely resident and friend! Love, 3D

                            Raquel Dionísio
                            • 1 Review
                            • 2 Helpful Votes

                            "Oldest coworker in the house"

                              November 2017

                              As one of the oldest coworker in the house (almost 3 years), we must say we really intend being part of this community for a long time. So far we've never found a better place in Lisbon to have our company based on. The best aspects are: being well located; being in such a charming building; with free fruit and coffee (that's all you need to keep working hard); and now we have a great balcony. The Espaço 3D founders are open to new ideas and are very flexible no our needs, perfect for start ups and for small business like ours.

                              2 Thank Raquel

                              Espaço 3D responded to this review

                              Hi Raquel, we are so happy for having you as our oldest coworker in the house, should I also say "part of the furniture?" ehehheh We love having you guys over! Thanks for the awesome feedback and thank you for being such a lovely person and resident! 3D wouldn't be the same without you! Love, 3D

                              Vytas Butkevicius
                              • 1 Review
                              • 2 Helpful Votes

                              "Perfect place to work and meet people"

                                November 2017

                                Stumbled upon this place on one of the websites and I was pleasantly surprised by the friendliness of everyone. The place has everything you'd want from a co-working space and more. As a digital nomad it might be challenging to learn all the small things such as where to eat lunch, where to buy amenities etc. I was fortunate enough to get some help from one of the owner's of this space, Catarina, who told me where to buy groceries and she even took me for lunch at a nice Portuguese restaurant. As you can see, this place differs from others in a very good way. If you're a digital nomad and tired of working from coffee shops - try this place out :) P.S. there's lots of local eateries for lunch (cheap and big portions) and grocery stores so you won't have to walk much!

                                2 Thank Vytas

                                Espaço 3D responded to this review

                                Oh dear Vytas, we miss you so much already! Thank you for taking the time to provide us such wonderful feedback. We are humbled for your kind words! We are more than happy for having you over when you're back in Lisbon and having those creative and thought provoking conversations! Please be back soon! Love, 3D

                                Stefan Westphal
                                • 1 Review
                                • 2 Helpful Votes

                                "Seems to be closed..."

                                  November 2017

                                  No signs outside and inside the building. All doors inside locked. If it still exists it needs much better way signs. Left the building after ten minutes searching for the entrance.

                                  2 Thank Stefan

                                  Espaço 3D responded to this review

                                  HI Stefan, We are sad that you couldn't find 3D opened. In which day did you come to visit? We usually get a previous note mentioning visiting residents or coworkers and/ or a call. After checking with our staff no information was found regarding your visit, that might have been the reason for not following up. We will. however, take your advice and put signs to mark where the offices are. We would also love to compensate you for your lost visit, so in case you are still around Lisbon, we would like to offer you a free week pass for a desk at our cowork. We hope you can enjoy this offer . Once again we are sorry for that. Hoping to see you soon!

                                  Sergio Medina
                                  • 1 Review
                                  • 2 Helpful Votes

                                  "Great, quiet, well-lit space, perfect to get work done."

                                    September 2017

                                    Espaço 3D has spacious rooms with comfortable chairs and big tables, the rooms are well-lit and quiet, perfect to focus and get work done. They also have multiple rooms when you can chill and rest, a balcony, a living room with couches, and a separate room for having lunch so noise stays there if you want to keep working at lunch hours. The staff is super nice and helpful. My only complain is that the daily or weekly passes are a bit too expensive.

                                    2 Thank Sergio

                                    Bibiana Veronica
                                    • 1 Review
                                    • 2 Helpful Votes

                                    "very cosy, full of light and space."

                                      March 2017

                                      Everything works fine, the structure are excellent and the owners are always there to help.

                                      2 Thank Bibiana

                                      Catarina Nunes
                                      • 1 Review
                                      • 5 Helpful Votes

                                      "I am biased because I am part of 3D"

                                        March 2017

                                        I am in love with 3D since the day it was born. But I am biased, as I am one of its founders. It's not the office, or the street, or the amenities we have that make this place so special. It's our awesome clients and amazing community! It's the laughter on lunchtime, the small meditation or snack breaks we share, and mostly the smiles of our residents. Don't take my word for it. Come see for yourselves how this wonderful community of people works together.

                                        5 Thank Catarina

                                        Bernardo Brandão
                                        • 2 Reviews
                                        • 6 Helpful Votes

                                        "My favourite cowork in Lisbon"

                                          March 2017

                                          I work in 3D for 2 years, and i can say it was the best place i ever work, not only for the space itself, but also for the person youcan find there. I miss working with you guys!!!

                                          4 Thank Bernardo

                                          Espaço 3D responded to this review

                                          Hi Bernardo, thank you for your kind words! Is amazing having you over and being able to brainstorm for improvements. This cowork wouldn't be the same without you! Love, 3D

                                          Fabio Valente
                                          • 1 Review
                                          • 3 Helpful Votes

                                          "Awesome work and social environment !"

                                            March 2017

                                            Right in the heart of Lisbon and close to any amenities you might need and PET FRIENDLY ! How awesome is that ?

                                            3 Thank Fabio

                                            Filipe Espinha
                                            • 1 Review
                                            • 4 Helpful Votes

                                            "More than just a coworking space"

                                              March 2017

                                              I love the beginning of the century elevator! Your clients may fall in love for the place...

                                              4 Thank Filipe

                                              Daniel Emidio
                                              • 1 Review
                                              • 4 Helpful Votes

                                              "Highly recommend "

                                                March 2017

                                                Extremely well located, great transport access, nice open areas. Plenty of sunlight, ideal to motivate you for highly productive day!

                                                4 Thank Daniel

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