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What People are Saying About Shared Office Space in Hebden Bridge

Bridget Neale

The Egg Factory

"A uniquely welcoming creative environment"

Sophie Hudson

The Egg Factory

"Lovely lovely people!"

Clare Ashton

The Egg Factory

"Friendly welcoming space"

Kate Radford

The Egg Factory

"What a load of good eggs."

Nicola Williams

The Egg Factory

"Fabulous place to learn, enjoy, get creative and have fun!"

Hannah Elizabeth

The Egg Factory

"Truly wonderful! "


The Egg Factory

"The best co-working space in the whole wide world"

Alice Cullinane

The Egg Factory

"Screen printing & doll making fun project"

Louise Lockhart

The Egg Factory

"Wonderful Work Space"

Rebecca Godar

The Egg Factory

"Really friendly people, great work space"